Barbering Schools in New Mexico

With a thriving cultural arts scene, New Mexico is an attractive place for anyone to try his or her hand at the art of barbering. With the high number of quality barber school programs available in New Mexico, students will learn the skills that they need to pass the written board exams in the state. Instructors will be with students every step of the way throughout their entrance into the barbering profession. You will learn everything from the latest shaving techniques to different skills for cutting and styling mens’ hair. You will also learn how to properly sanitize equipment and maintain a clean premises in a barber shop.

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To get started in your barber career, you can browse the following list of schools that currently offer programs in New Mexico:

– Olympian University
– Empire Beauty School
– Regency Beauty Institute
– Toni & Guy Hair Academy

Find a Barber School

As you browse the wide range of programs, keep in mind that some schools may have very unique offerings. You may wish to keep your mind open to the possibility of obtaining a dual certification. Perhaps you wish to participate in a seminar that focuses on the different ways in which you can open a barber salon. By attending school in New Mexico, you will be equipped to do extraordinary things with your barber license. Those who have a passion for cutting clients’ hair will find that it is easy to build a career in New Mexico. There is always a demand for barbers who have skills in performing the latest hair techniques.

Barber Licensing Requirements in New Mexico

To obtain a barber license in New Mexico, students should first complete a program at a licensed barber school. The New Mexico Board of Cosmetology requires that all students require a licensed barber school in the process of obtaining a barber license. Students are not allowed to complete an apprenticeship program in order to receive a license.

The next step in obtaining a barber license is to acquire the minimum number of instruction hours. In New Mexico, the Board has a standard of 1,200 hours of instruction and coursework that must be met.

Barber licenses must be renewed every year in New Mexico. There is a fee of $50 for renewing a barber license. Barbers do not need to earn any continuing education credits for a renewal of a barber license. Barbers who wish to teach courses at a barber school will need to earn 12 continuing education credits every year for a license renewal.

To transfer a license from another state, students will need to submit an affidavit to the New Mexico Board of Cosmetology.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in New Mexico

The average salary of a barber in New Mexico is about $26,840 a year. Barbers in New Mexico tend to earn slightly more than the national average of $22,500 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Barber Schools in New Mexico

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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Alamogordo School of Barbering¬†–¬†Alamogordo, NM