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Hair Braiding Programs in Nevada

Nevada has a very unique beauty industry. Since this state has so many tourists, cosmetology professionals must be ready to meet the needs of residents as well as millions of tourists. Highly specialized skills can help you develop a solid client base.

Get started now by contacting the schools that offer hair braiding programs in Nevada.

Overview of Hair Braiding Schools and Curriculum in Nevada

There are two main parts of hair braiding education. First, you have to understand the theory of braiding. Your instructors may teach you how hair grows, show you different hair textures, and help you understand how hair grows along the head. This may make you a more intuitive and experienced stylist.

With this knowledge under your belt, you can start mastering different braiding styles. Instructors may cover braiding, cornrowing, weaving, twisting, and locking. After watching your instructor create each style, you may get to practice on mannequin heads and your peers.

Hair Braider Licensing in Nevada

Many states have responded to the need for hair braiders by creating separate licensure tracks for cosmetology specialists who train as braiders. Nevada fits into that group. The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology requires braiders-to-be to complete a training program of no fewer than 250 hours.

After you meet this education requirement, you can apply for licensure as a braider and legally market your skills to potential clients.

Job and Employment Outlook for Hair Braiders in Nevada

Growth in Nevada’s cosmetology industry is reflective of its tourism industry and the success of its cosmetologists. In the decade from 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a 13% increase in Nevada cosmetology jobs. This job growth rate is right on par with the national average (O*Net, 2012).

The salary you earn may depend on how much experience you have and how rapidly you build your customer base. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Nevada cosmetologist is $22,200 per year.

Nevada’s cosmetology industry is always looking for dedicated, skilled professionals. If you want to be one of them, reach out to hair braiding programs in Nevada.