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Nebraska Makeup Artist Schools

Imagine star-gazing every night, befriending some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your lifetime and being surrounded by the beautiful nature. In Nebraska, this is the type of lifestyle that you can lead and enjoy as a makeup artist. Your clients may become some of your closest friends in a place like Nebraska, where towns are filled with people who know each other on a first-name basis. You can enjoy breathing clean and fresh air every day before heading out to provide makeup services at the local salon in town. You can build a solo makeup artistry practice that may be the only one in a small town, meaning that all of the clients in town are your own.

If you want to pursue your makeup artistry certification, there is a selection of programs in Nebraska that you can consider:

– Vatterott College
– Joseph’s College
– Xenon International Academy Beauty School and Salon
– Clary Sage College

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Curriculum in Nebraska

These schools will allow you to develop connections that help catapult your career to success. Your instructors may be the ones who refer you to your first few jobs after graduation from school. You may even decide to go into business with some of your classmates from a makeup artistry program. Being able to pursue courses that you love will also feel like a breath of fresh air. In makeup artistry school, you take courses that are directly relevant to your practice as a makeup artist. You will take basic courses in the fundamentals of makeup application, body art, bridal makeup, film and television makeup application, fashion modeling makeup, photo shoot makeup application, professionalism, sanitation processes and other basic courses.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Nebraska

Nebraska currently requires makeup artists to have a license, but students can relax in knowing that the requirements are very minimal. Students are only required to pay a $10 fee to receive a makeup artistry license in the state. There are no formal educational requirements that the state imposes on students. There are also no grade or age minimum requirements that students must meet. Students also do not need to take a state-administered practical or written exam after completing a makeup artistry program. Students should be aware that many clients will want to see that they have received professional training through a makeup artistry school or a cosmetologist program.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Nebraska

Makeup artists thrive in the beauty industry, because they have so many employment opportunities available to them. Makeup artists may be called upon to provide makeup services for movie stars who are about to begin filming a major movie. Makeup artists may also provide services for clients who are part of a bridal party for a wedding. A makeup artist may desire to become an instructor in Nebraska. He or she may even decide to open a new makeup artistry program in Nebraska, as there is a demand for such programs.

The BLS states that the average salary of makeup artists in Nebraska is about $33,680 a year. There is expected to be a significant number of jobs openings in the makeup artistry field in the future.