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Hair Braiding Programs in Nebraska

If you have ever wanted to delve into the world of hair braiding, there is no better time than right now. Learn more about this exciting job here at BeautySchools.com and let us help you find nearby schools!

Hair Braider Training in Nebraska

If you want to train to become a hair braider in Nebraska, you must complete a full-fledged cosmetology course. There are a variety of cosmetology schools in Nebraska, including small privately-owned schools and large chain schools. Because you must complete at least 2,100 hours of cosmetology training, you should plan on being in school for at least 14 months. If you attend part-time, it may take up to 26 months to complete your program.

Hair braiding is not taught at all cosmetology schools, so if you do not have prior training in the field, it is important to select a school that has a thorough section on hair braiding. In the hair braiding section of your cosmetology course, you can plan on learning the five main types of braiding. These include twisting, braiding, weaving, cornrowing, and locking.

When you first learn about each braiding style, you may start by watching your instructor practice the technique on a mannequin head. Part of your education may include watching videos, reading textbook descriptions of techniques, and learning how different braiding techniques work on different types of hair. You can then begin practicing your skills on mannequin heads and eventually move on to real clients.

Licensing and Certification Requirements in Nebraska for Hair Braiding

According to the Institute for Justice, Nebraska is one of 22 states that does not specifically address hair braiders and what education is required of them. However, braiding is listed as a cosmetology skill by the Nebraska Board of Cosmetology. As a result, it is widely accepted that you need a cosmetology license from the Board to work as a braider.

As a result, you have to complete a cosmetology course of at least 2,100 hours. Upon completing your course, you must fill out a Cosmetologist Application by Examination form, submit it with your transcript, and pass both a written exam and a skills exam. Once you have your license, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. It must be renewed by December 31 every two years. In addition, you have to complete eight hours of continuing education every two years.

Career Outlook and Employment Opportunities for Hair Braiders in Nebraska

Upon completing your cosmetology program and getting your cosmetology license, you can begin your career as a hair braider. With your new skills, you may seek employment at a salon or rent a chair at a salon. This allows you to benefit from a salon’s good reputation, take walk-in clients, and work alongside other cosmetology professionals. However, you may be required to maintain certain hours to remain associated with your salon.

If you are ready to take on the duties of business ownership, you can look into owning your own hair braiding salon. This does require you to apply for a salon license, but you may be rewarded with more flexible hours and more room for upward growth.

As a hair braider, you can plan on spending the vast majority of your time with clients. It may take several hours to braid a head of hair, while touch-ups may take an hour or less. In between clients, you may clean the salon, reach out to new clients, and prepare your work area for upcoming appointments.

There is little information available on typical braiders’ salaries, since it is a relatively new field. However, the field of braiding can be considered part of hair styling. Hair stylists in Nebraska earn an average salary of $24,780 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.