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Missouri Permanent Makeup Programs

Tattooing is considered mainstream now, and permanent makeup is getting ready to join it! In fact, permanent makeup is just another type of tattooing. Permanent makeup artists use small tattoo needles to deposit color onto the skin, allowing women to avoid putting on makeup every day. If you want to help those who really need it, permanent makeup may be the beauty career for you. It is often used to help those who have lost their hair after chemotherapy or who have suffered other physical effects of disease.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

If you’re willing to learn about the proper use of tattoo needles in permanent makeup, work hard to maintain OSHA safety standards, and listen diligently to meet your clients’ needs, a program in permanent makeup in MO may be the next step for you. You can use our beauty school listings below to find the perfect permanent makeup school for you in Missouri.

Permanent Makeup Programs in Missouri

Permanent makeup programs, which may last several months or up to one year, are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work independently as a permanent makeup professional. Find out what your curriculum may include here!

One of the most crucial parts of this career is a good client consultation. For every client that comes through your door, you have to be able to look at their medical history, assess their risk of complications, and figure out what they want to get from their permanent makeup application. In school, you may learn about how to communicate appropriately with patients, fill out the proper paperwork, and develop a look that matches your clients’ needs.

Equipment may make up a significant part of your training. You may begin by learning the names and uses of different tools, at which point you can discover how to use them. It doesn’t end there, though. Your curriculum may also cover how to clean, sanitize, and store tools in accordance with laws and OSHA standards.

You should anticipate studying color and pigment theory. Permanent makeup works much differently than regular makeup, so you need a completely different understanding of pigment theory. Through practical exercises, you may learn how to choose the right color for a client’s preferences, coloring, and style.

Working as a Permanent Makeup Artist in Missouri

Getting into a new beauty specialty just as it starts getting popular can help you become a leader in that field. As more and more people in Missouri discover what permanent makeup can do and how natural it can look, there may be an influx of new clients to permanent makeup artists throughout the state. This may lead to a great job outlook for you. In Missouri, O*Net anticipates a 31% increase in job openings through 2022. You may use your skills in a number of settings, including dermatology offices, salons, and your own business.

Skin care specialists in Missouri can earn quite a few different salaries. The average salary for a skin care specialist in this state is $33,000 per year, but O*Net reports salaries ranging up to $50,200 per year.

As a skin care professional, you may be able to take advantage of beauty events and organizations throughout Missouri. The Missouri Association of Cosmetology Schools can be a great resource for cosmetology professionals, including those in permanent makeup. You may also participate in events like the Face & Body Midwest Spa Conference & Expo.

People are looking for ways to save time, and permanent makeup is one of the ways they may do that. Get in on this growing trend now by contacting permanent makeup schools in Missouri!