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Electrolysis Training Programs in Missouri

Moving to Missouri can provide you with a fresh start in a new career. If you are looking to help people feel more beautiful and confident, then you may enjoy being an electrologist in Missouri. There are plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals to become electrologists and deliver permanent hair removal services in Missouri.

You can take some time to check out all of the electrology programs that can help you develop the skills necessary to become an electrologist who can provide in-demand services in the state. Because there are no license requirements in Missouri, you can have broad discretion in pursuing an electrology program that may be located in other states before making the move to Missouri. Some of the electrology programs that may interest you are the following:

– American Institute of Education
– River Rock Electrology Institute
– Southeastern School of Electrology

Your electrology education will provide you with the training that you need to develop skills as a professional electrologist. You will feel confident in administering permanent hair removal services for clients, and you will also feel confident in responding to specific requests and health needs of your clients. Theoretical courses will teach you how to recognize hair conditions in your clients that may require you to provide additional care. You will also learn about the psychology of the human mind and ways in which people view unwanted hair. This will help you to better understand any anxieties or fears that your clients may have in regards to unwanted hair.

Overview of Electrolysis Licensing in Missouri

There are no state requirements that an individual have an electrology license in Missouri. Students should still familiarize themselves with professional practices and standards established by the American Electrology Association. The AEA also publishes sanitation standards that have been recognized by other states that do not currently have licensing requirements.

Job and Employment Outlook for Those in Electrolysis in Missouri

The BLS states that electrologists earn an average annual salary of about $31,500 a year. It is expected that there will be a dramatic 25 percent increase in the number of jobs available for electrologists in the state. Electrologists can also earn a higher salary if they work additional hours outside of the 40-hour work week or decide to start their own practices.