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Minnesota Salon Management Programs

Salon managers display a wide variety of traits that make them successful at their jobs—do you possess any of them? If you’re a natural leader, good at mediating situations, interested in customer service, and passionate about the beauty industry, salon management in Minnesota may be a great career move for you. Minnesota is home to the Twin Cities and many other large cities with excellent salons, all of which rely on the skills of strong leaders to keep running.

Learn How to Run a Salon in a Salon Management Program!

Minnesota’s salon management programs may be designed for those with cosmetology experience or they may be well-suited to those who are new to this industry. It’s good to evaluate a number of schools in your area to find one that fits your current experience and education. If you’re ready to become a salon manager and shape the future of salons across Minnesota, check out our school listings to get started!

Salon Management Education in Minnesota

While attending a salon management program, you can look forward to learning a wide variety of skills that may serve you well in a beauty setting. Keep reading to learn about what you can learn in salon management school!

The curriculum of your program depends a lot on whether or not you have previous cosmetology experience. If you’re in a program that requires prior cosmetology experience, you may not spend much time learning about salon terminology and processes. However, if you’ve never worked in this field, you may spend quite a bit of time learning about the services offered by salons.

Cleanliness and safety are two of the main topics covered by salon management schools. You may learn about overall hygiene standards as well as those that specifically apply to certain tools and procedures. Safety and infection minimization are crucial, so you may learn how to stop the spread of infection and keep tools clean.

You can also learn about how to properly manage staff and keep customers happy. In fact, these may be some of the most important topics you cover as a salon management student. Instructors may cover how to hire and fire staff, in addition to mediating staff issues. Through your practical experience, you may explore what customers want from their salon experience and study how to deliver that to them.

Job Outlook for Salon Managers in Minnesota

The demand for salon managers is growing steadily across the country, a trend that’s continuing in Minnesota. If you have relevant experience or connections in the cosmetology industry, your own personal job outlook may be even better. O*Net anticipates a 9% increase in salon management jobs from 2012 to 2022, which is in line with national job growth rates.

Salon managers in Minnesota may earn a variety of salaries, depending on their acquired level of education, experience, and seniority. The average salary for a salon manager in Minnesota is $33,900 per year, although O*Net reports salaries ranging from $20,800 to $53,100 per year. Your salary may also vary based on which type of salon you work in. For example, you may earn a higher salary in a high-end salon than in a chain salon.

As a management professional in the beauty industry, you may be able to attend beauty events throughout Minnesota. In fact, you may be expected to as part of your job! Consider joining a professional organization like the Salon Spa Professional Association, which has a location in Minnesota. Joining a group like this may give you access to training and networking events that can propel your career forward.

Salon management is an exciting field that combines business management and cosmetology. If you’re ready to start a new career, use our school listings to find nearby programs!