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Beauty Schools in Springfield Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, image is everything. If you’re an aspiring beauty professional, that’s great news! As this field has grown and become more popular, the city of Springfield has opened up new beauty schools and programs to help you and other students reach your goal of becoming cosmetology professionals. With over 153,000 people and thousands more in outlying communities, Springfield has a huge group of beauty-loving people who could one day end up in your salon chair.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

Beauty school is a lot of work—no way around it. As a student, you need to learn about the theory of cosmetology, master the terminology of this field, learn customer service skills, and practice your new skills on mannequin heads and real clients. However, if you are passionate about working in the field of beauty, all of this time and effort is more than worth it. Cosmetology programs in Massachusetts tend to be the longest of all beauty programs, requiring over nine months of study. If you go another route, like nail technology or makeup artistry, you may graduate much more quickly.

Interested in spending your days working with fun people and making them look their best? Get started now and request information from beauty schools in Springfield.

Life and Career Options for Cosmetologists in Springfield Area

As a general rule, cosmetology salaries in Massachusetts are slightly higher than na-tional averages. Salon services also tend to cost more in this area, so you may earn bigger tips from your clients if you perform excellent work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that cosmetologists in Springfield earn an average salary of $27,020 per year, while manicurists earn an average of $31,550 per year (2015). An average salary of $41,800 per year is claimed by skin care specialists (BLS, 2015).

Massachusetts is known for having a strong beauty community, which means that you can learn from some of the best in the industry. The Cosmetology Association of Massachusetts offers advocacy and professional support to beauty workers, hosts fun networking and training events, and keeps members updated on changes in this industry. Becoming part of the local beauty community can put you in a great position to get involved in events like the Massachusetts Beauty and Barber Con-vention, which occurs every winter in this area.

What kind of work experience do you want after you graduate? Maybe you want to build up your skills and gain experience at a quick service salon or chain salon. Maybe you want to use your professional connections to get in at a boutique salon or a high-end spot. No matter what your goals and skills are, you can probably find a Springfield employer that is right for you. Some of the biggest beauty employers in Springfield in-clude Simply Divine Beauty Lounge, Carmen Salon, Hairworks Salon, Sport Clips Haircuts, and Shampoo One Salon & Day Spa. When you start working, you can figure out your client base and use that information to discover what they want.

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