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Salon Management Programs in Maine

Maine is home to a great variety of salons, spas, and other beauty establishments. What do these establishments need most? In many cases, they need skilled managers who are willing to maintain high standards and motivate staff. If you’d like to explore a career in spa management, keep reading to learn more about salon management programs in Maine.

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Overview of Salon Management Schools and Curriculum in Maine

To become an efficient manager who manages staff and keeps their salon running smoothly, you may want to complete your education and earn a degree. Salon management programs are designed to give you real-life work experience, help you learn about Maine cosmetology laws, and teach you management techniques that work well in this industry.

As a student, you may have to tackle business management techniques. Knowing how to manage finances, schedule staff, and go through the hiring process can make you a valuable asset to your salon owner. Of course, you must also understand Maine cosmetology standards if you want to keep your salon up to code.

Salon Manager Licensing in Maine

You do not technically need any license or certification to begin working as a salon manager in Maine. However, for many owners, it is convenient to hire managers who are licensed in a cosmetology specialty. This makes it possible for managers to jump into the fray when there’s a busy day. If you are a licensed cosmetology professional, you may have to maintain your license through the O*Net believes that salon management jobs may increase by 4%. The salary you earn depends on your level of experience and how much education you have. The average salary for a Maine salon manager is $33,000 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Maine’s cosmetology industry is growing rapidly, so why not become part of it? Take the first step to a management career by contacting salon management schools in Maine.