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Maine Barbering Schools

Maine is one of the most diverse places for obtaining a barber license. Perhaps you love to be surrounded by nature, but you also want to have access to sophisticated cities. Maine offers the best of both worlds for aspiring students who are working toward earning their barbers’ license. Students who are seeking to earn a license in Maine should check out the numerous barber schools in the state. There are plenty of opportunities available for students who wish to start their own barber shop or earn a dual-certification.

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

You can review the offerings at the following barber schools in Maine to find one that meets your needs:

– Empire Beauty School
– Cosmotech School of Cosmetology
– Spa Tech Institute

Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum in Maine

These barber schools will offer you a strong foundation in barber skills and ensure that you are prepared for this profession. You can also research the additional course offerings of each school to determine whether it fits your ambitions. Each school will offer a basic curriculum with courses like shaving techniques, legal regulations in Maine and hair styling. You may find that there are opportunities for you to pursue other licenses, such as a nail technician certification or massage therapist license. If you want to know whether a school offers a course that interests you, then an admissions person or other administrator may be able to help you. You may also wish to visit one of the listed barber schools to receive a tour of the facilities and learn about the types of offerings that the school has. Taking a tour of the school in person can help you to understand the benefits that may distinguish one school from another.

Licensing Requirements in Maine

To become a barber in Maine, you will need to complete the required credit hours for a barber license. The Maine Board of Cosmetology requires that you complete these hours at a licensed barber school. The total number of hours that is required is 1,500. Students also have the option of completing an apprenticeship program in order to receive their barber license. Maine requires that students complete 2,500 hours in an apprenticeship program to qualify for a barber license.

Students are required to renew their licenses every year in Maine. Students need to pay a fee of $50 in order to renew their licenses. Barbers will not need to complete continuing education credits in order to receive a renewal of a barber license in Maine.

The Maine Board of Cosmetology does allow for the transfer of barber licenses. Barbers will need to prove that the previous state had similar requirements to Maine in receiving a barber license.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in Maine

The average salary of barbers in Maine is about $26,620 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this salary is expected to increase by about five percent every year.