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Salon Management Programs in Louisiana

Are you looking for a career that allows you to tackle new challenges every day, use a variety of skills, and use creative problem solving skills? If so, you could be looking at a career in salon management. Salon owners hire managers to help them deal with the daily tasks of salon ownership, including budgeting, staff management, and customer satisfaction. If you’re willing to take on these and other job duties, learn more about this career now!

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Leadership and Salon Management in Louisiana

Salon managers are hired in all types of salons across Louisiana. Small family-owned salons may hire managers to free up the owner’s schedule, while large salons may have multiple managers on the floor at one time to make sure that customers’ needs are being met. Whether or not you have prior work experience in cosmetology, you can learn more about management and decide if this is the field for you. Check out our list of programs in salon management in Louisiana to get started.

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Learn About Salon Management in Louisiana

One of the benefits of studying salon management is the wide variety of skills you develop as a student. These skills can serve you well in many settings, from salons to other customer service-based industries. By learning about what salon managers study in school, you can prepare for your new degree.

Part of working as a salon manager is developing the right sense of professionalism, both with clients and staff. You may study what personality traits a good salon manager has, how to bring salesmanship to this position, and how to develop a strong sense of customer relations.

You may need to study business relations as part of your curriculum. In small business courses, you can learn about how salons are run, the best ways to interact with employees, and what standards you should enforce for client-employee relationships in your salon.

You can plan on spending quite a bit of time on salon safety in your curriculum. You never know when you may have to deal with a surprise inspection or Board of Cosmetology visit, so your salon must be sanitary and up to code at all times. Your instructors may focus on the standards laid out for cosmetologists, how to enforce these rules, how equipment must be cleaned and stored, and what precautions you must follow as a salon manager.

It’s clear that salon management programs are versatile and diverse to help you adapt to the demands of running a salon!

Salon Management Careers in Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, there are many salons that hire salon managers and other management personnel. Particularly in large cities like New Orleans and Shreveport, where tourism is a major industry, salon managers help ensure the smooth running of salons. This may be why the job outlook for Louisiana salon managers is similar to the national job outlook. An 11% increase in job openings is expected between 2012 and 2022 in Louisiana (O*Net, 2012).

Across the board, salon management salaries in Louisiana tend to be on par with nationally-reported salaries. The reported salary range spans from $21,400 to $47,600 per year (O*Net, 2013). Each year, the average salon manager earns $29,600 per year (O*Net, 2013).
Part of your job in salon management may involve scoping out the latest trends, recruiting staff from across the state, and networking with beauty professionals. For example, the annual Beauty & Style Event in Louisiana can be an excellent advertising opportunity for salons.

Now that you know what it’s like to work as a salon manager, are you ready to start your education? Check out our school listings below!

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Salon Management Schools in Louisiana