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Makeup Schools in Louisiana

Whether you want to be inspired by the art scene of New Orleans or indulge in its exquisite cuisine after a day of applying makeup, you can thrive as a makeup artist in Louisiana. The city is constantly changing, and this gives makeup artists a chance to continually reinvent themselves and what the direction of their careers.

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Find a Makeup Artist School
Perhaps you do the makeup of the hottest jazz singers scheduled to perform in New Orleans, such as Norah Jones. Maybe you network with some of the film companies or fashion agencies hosting a shoot in town.

If you are thinking about pursuing your makeup degree, then think about attending one of the following makeup artistry programs in Louisiana:

– Aveda Institute
– Virginia College
– Remington College
– Alexandria Academy of Beauty
– Guy’s Academy
– John Jay Beauty College
– Cosmetology Training Center
– Cosmetology Business and Management Institute

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Cosmetologists in Louisiana

Consider how a makeup artistry program will prepare you for marketing yourself in the beauty industry. You will also use advanced techniques that are not taught in any other type of program, such as the application of the airbrush technique. A makeup artistry program helps you to feel ready to take on the beauty industry and being serving clients immediately after graduation. You will even take courses that focus on professional etiquette so that you have experience in the managerial side of makeup artistry. The following courses are usually offered in basic makeup artistry programs: film & tv makeup application, fundamentals of makeup application, body art, professionalism, photo shoot makeup, fashion makeup, bridal makeup, freelance makeup artistry and other courses. If you want to learn more about the application requirements for a makeup artistry school, then contact the admissions office of a makeup school. An admissions counselor can help you gather the documentation needed for your application. A financial aid counselor can also help you understand the cost of attendance and whether you qualify for any grants or scholarships from the school.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Louisiana

Louisiana currently has a separate license requirement for makeup artists in the state. To meet the license requirements, students must be in school for at least nine days in an accredited program. They must be at least 16 years old and have finished the 10th grade. There is also a low fee for receiving the license, which is $25. Louisiana does not require students to take any exams prior to receiving a license in the state.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Louisiana

If you are an independent type who likes to create your own destiny, then makeup artistry may be a perfect career choice for you. In addition to being the master of your own creative abilities, you will be qualified to start a freelance business after graduation from a makeup artistry program. You can also choose to work for a company at any time during your career. Whether you want to go into sales or advise cosmetic companies about new products or ad campaigns, your expertise as a makeup artist will be in demand.

The BLS has reported that the average annual salary for makeup artists is about $22,900. There will be a significant increase in both the salary and job opportunities that are available to makeup artists in the next few years.

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Louisiana Makeup Artist Schools