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Salon Management Programs in Kentucky

When problems arise and nothing seems manageable, are you the one who steps up and miraculously comes up with a solution that keeps everyone happy? If so, you may have the level head and problem solving skills needed in the field of salon management. Salon managers work hard to keep everyone satisfied, from salon owners and staff to merchants and customers. If you thrive in a fast-paced setting and enjoy working with a variety of people every day, a salon management career could be ideal for you.

Even if you’ve never worked in the cosmetology field before, you could still be the next greatest salon manager in Kentucky. By attending a program that focuses on salon management in Kentucky, you can master the salon industry and learn how to work efficiently in any beauty setting. Use our school listings to find the school that may help you make your dreams come true!

Picking the Perfect Salon Management Program

Part of getting a great education is choosing the right school for your needs! We recommend checking out multiple salon management schools in your area and choosing one that fits your schedule and educational goals. Check out what you can learn in a salon management program in Kentucky.

Programs vary quite a bit across Kentucky, but generally speaking, you can plan on spending one to two years in school learning about salon management. If you have a cosmetology license or other related experience, you may spend slightly less time in school.

As a management student, you may learn about the skills you need to bring to the table to help a salon be successful. With salons in Kentucky competing for business, you need to be able to market your salon and bring customers in the door. To meet this goal, you may take courses like Marketing the Spa Business and Social Media for Salons. You can also develop a set of skills that help you empower your employees to retain customers. Courses in this part of your curriculum may include Client Consultation and Salon Policies, Trends Within the Salon Industry, and Salon Menu of Services.

Other courses may help you create a salon experience that is safe, hygienic, and in line with Kentucky cosmetology standards. Your instructors can help you become familiar with cosmetology laws in courses like Rules and Regulations Regarding Spa Services and Safety Regulations in Salons.

Plan on bringing all of these skills together in your practical experience hours. Under the supervision of a working salon manager, you can put your skills to work in a local salon or spa.

Your Career Outlook in Kentucky

The career outlook for salon managers in Kentucky is fairly similar to the job outlook across the country. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 16% increase in job openings for spa managers. This is 5% higher than the national average and may lead to over 150 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2012).

Since the cost of living is slightly lower in Kentucky than in many parts of the country, salaries tend to be below the national average. O*Net reports a salary range of $19,600 to $42,800 per year. The average salary earned by a Kentucky salon manager is $27,800 per year (O*Net, 2013).

As a salon manager, you can attend local events or join local associations to increase your reach in the beauty industry. The Kentucky Beauty Society represents beauty workers all over the state and advertises some of the biggest trends in the industry. The International Spa Association can be joined by anyone around the world, but it is based in Kentucky.

Salon management can be an exciting and rewarding field to work in, but you need to start with the right education! Use our schools list to find salon management schools in Kentucky.