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Permanent Makeup Programs in Kentucky

One of the best parts of working in the beauty industry may be all of the new developments that this field goes through every year. This means that working in the beauty field gives you the chance to learn new techniques and skills throughout your career.

Permanent makeup is one of the most recent trends in the cosmetology industry. It’s similar to tattooing, so the technology has existed for a long time. However, the women of Kentucky are starting to pay attention! Those who work in permanent makeup apply pigment to the skin using tattoo needles, creating a seamless, flawless, natural look that lasts forever.

If you’re considering a career in permanent makeup artistry, you can start by looking into schools in Kentucky. By learning from licensed permanent makeup artists, you can learn all about the skills that go into this career. Use the school listings at BeautySchools.com to find the right permanent makeup in Kentucky program for you!

Choosing a Permanent Makeup Artist School in Kentucky

There’s a lot that goes into a permanent makeup career, from creating a safe and clean working environment to consulting with clients and carrying out their procedures. Programs that focus on permanent makeup in Kentucky should focus on these skills and more—read on to find out what to expect in your training.

Everything in this career centers around your clients, so you can plan on spending quite a bit of time learning how to listen, talk to, and advise clients. One of the first units in your program may center around proper client consultations. Consulting clients is an important part of ensuring that permanent makeup is a good fit for them and that you’re delivering the services they want. You may learn how to fill out the paperwork for informed consent, for client consultation, and liability.

A significant part of your program focuses on the correct and safe use of permanent makeup tools. From autoclaves and needles to tattooing machines, you may learn about the role of every tool in the makeup process and practice using each tool.

Choosing the right look, colors, and style for a client may be what sets you apart from other makeup artists. By taking courses in pigment theory and color choice, you can help your customers develop a natural, flattering look that achieves the intended results. You may get lots of hands-on experience in this area, since this procedure is permanent and you want to be good at it before you begin working.

Starting a Permanent Makeup Career in Kentucky

You may wonder how you can use your permanent makeup education in Kentucky. Since this trend is growing, you may be able to work in many different settings! Some dermatology offices offer permanent makeup services, as do beauty salons or plastic surgery clinics. Some permanent makeup artists decide to go into business for themselves as freelancers or business owners. Overall, the job outlook in Kentucky is positive for skin care specialists. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 44% increase in job openings in this field.

Salaries in this field may vary quite a bit between employment settings and experience levels. O*Net reports an average annual salary of $21,000 per year for skin care specialists, with a full salary range going from $16,200 to $47,600 per year.

Consider taking advantage of networking and educational opportunities in Kentucky! For example, you may wish to join the Kentucky Beauty Society. This organization supports beauty professionals with continuing education hours and business-growing events.

Permanent makeup is the wave of the future in cosmetology. To become part of this field, start contacting local schools today!