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Kansas Salon Management Training Programs

Are you a natural leader, looking for solutions as problems arise and coming up with creative ways to meet people’s needs? If so, you could be well-suited to a career in salon management. This field looks for people who can work with many different types of people, tackle the numerous situations that may arise during a salon’s daily operations, and cheerfully take on whatever responsibilities come their way. Whether or not you have prior experience in the cosmetology field, you may be a great salon manager.

Kansas is home to many schools with salon management programs. You can learn about the ins and outs of the salon industry, hone your leadership skills to a higher level, and put your skills to work in a practical setting. These skills and this field may become even more crucial as more and more salons open in Kansas. Take a look at our school listings to learn more about salon management in Kansas.

Use Your Leadership Skills in a Salon Management Career!

Choosing the Right Salon Management School

In a salon management program, you can learn about the various skills that go into this industry. Find out more about the skills covered in salon management programs so you know what you can learn!
It’s important to look at how different salon management programs are structured. Some may be intended for those who have experience as cosmetologists, barbers, or other beauty professionals. Others may be suitable for people who have not ever worked for a salon before.

The curriculum for your salon management program may start with an overview of salon relations and standards, giving you an idea of what to expect when you work in this setting. Courses may include The Organizational Structure of a Spa and Spa Operations.

From this point, you can begin developing salon-specific management skills that may propel you into a new career. Courses you may be required to take include Human Resources in the Salon Business, Internal Communication in Salons, Spa Job Descriptions, and Employee Recruitment in Salons. These courses can help you bring in and retain excellent employees to build your business.
It’s also important to develop a strong sense of customer service while working in the salon field. To this end, your curriculum may include classes like Client Consultation in the Spa, Marketing a Salon Business, and Salon Business Menu of Services.

This combination of courses can help provide you with a well-rounded education that may prepare you for the many tasks a spa manager is responsible for!

Your Job Outlook in Kansas

The job outlook in Kansas may be pretty positive for salon and spa managers! According to O*Net, job openings for salon managers may increase by 12% between 2012 and 2022, leading to approximately 100 new jobs per year in this time frame. This slightly edges out the national average job growth rate (O*Net, 2012).

The salary you earn in Kansas may vary quite a bit, depending on how much experience you have in the salon industry, which type of salon you work for, and how much responsibility you take on in your career. O*Net reports salaries ranging from $21,000 to $52,500 per year, with a national average of $30,300 per year. This is fairly close to the nationally-reported salary range (O*Net, 2013).

As a salon manager, you may wish to attend different educational and networking events to find new employees and expand your skill set. There are many salon training events held throughout Kansas during the year.

Salon management is a growing and engaging field. If it’s time to start your new career, check out our school list and get started!