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Electrolysis Training Programs in Iowa

Iowa can be a great place to begin your career as an electrologist for its growing population, low cost of living and friendly communities. Perhaps you want to develop your skills in a place where some of electrolysis clients will become some of your closest friends. In Iowa, the small communities offer great opportunities for an electrologist to open a solo practice in town.

You can get started in your career by enrolling in one of the following electrologist programs that are currently offered in Iowa:

American Institute of Education
River Rock Electrology Institute

Don’t wait any longer to begin pursuing a career that could turn into many lucrative opportunities for you.

You can enroll in an electrology program that will help you to develop interpersonal communication skills, advanced hair removal techniques and marketing skills for your electrolysis program. The practical application courses will focus on:

– lighting techniques
– hands on training for the body and face
– positioning of clients
– draping for the client
– pre- and post-treatment care
– side effects
– health history assessment
– treatment records & evaluation
– consultation
– photography

In a practical-based program, you will get to work with test clients so that you can become confident in your skills before graduating from an electrolysis program.

Overview of Electrolysis Licensing in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Public Health is responsible for administering licenses to those who aspire to become electrologists in Iowa. All electrologists are required to have a license. To apply for a license, students should complete an electrology course that has at least 425 hours. Students must have a high school or GED education. After receiving a license, electrologists will need to acquire at least .8 continuing education credits every year.

Job and Employment Outlook for Those in Electrolysis in Iowa

Electrologists frequently find employment opportunities in medical offices, dermatologist practices, professional spas, salons and other beauty companies. An electrolysis professional can also develop his or her own practice. An entrepreneurial electrologist can earn an excellent income of $50,000 or more. Some electrologists may even be able to sell their practices for a lucrative sum of money.

Electrologists currently earn about $25,770 a year. It is expected that electrologists will have a salary increase of at least six or seven percent in the upcoming years. Electrologists will also enjoy a significant increase in the job opportunities that are available to them in the state.