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Barbering Schools in Iowa

With its location in the Midwest, Iowa is an attractive place for starting a career as a barber for numerous reasons. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, as well as network with all of the friendly professionals in the state. It can be easy to find new opportunities in Iowa, such as small towns that may have a demand for barbers. You may be able to find a quaint town in which you can open your own barber shop and instantly infuse yourself as a member of the community. Iowa also has a beauty culture that is innovative and creative. You can master the art of barbering by taking fascinating courses from highly experienced and knowledgeable barber instructors.

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Des Moines, IA
CTC Barber Academy – Accredited
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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

Taking your career to the next level is entirely possible with all of the quality barber programs that can be found in Iowa.

Take a look at the following list and choose a program that meets your needs:

Capri College
The Paul Mitchell School
Aveda Institute
American Hair Academy
The Salon Professional Academy

Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum in Iowa

When you pursue your education at one of the barbering schools in Iowa, you will need to take certain required courses in order to receive your license. These courses will focus on topics like hair styling, laws and regulations in Iowa, sanitation of barber shops, hair trimming and the latest shaving techniques. You may also be required to take a health and safety standards course. Aspiring students should also check out the other types of opportunities for community involvement that are offered by barber schools in Iowa. These may include networking organizations, internship opportunities and charity events. Participating in a charity event, such as a hair show or competition, can help you get your name out into the local community and meet other established barbers.

Barber Licensing in Iowa

Becoming a barber in Iowa requires that an individual pursue a course of study at a licensed barber school in the state. Students will need to successfully complete 1,650 hours of instruction, coursework and study to receive a barber license. After graduation from a barber school, then students will need to take the exams that are administered by the Iowa Board of Cosmetology. The exam is administered four times throughout the year.

A barber license must be renewed every two years in Iowa. Iowa imposes a requirement of eight continuing education credits for those who seek a license renewal. There is also a fee of $50 for those who wish to renew a license.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in Iowa

The average salary of barbers working in Iowa is about $25,790 a year, according to the BLS. Compared to the national average salary, Iowa barbers earn slightly more every year. Nationally, barbers make about $22,500 every year. Barbering can be a great career choice for those who want to be ensured that they will have employment, because a 14 percent increase in the demand for barbers is expected in the next 10 years.