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Permanent Makeup Schools in Indiana

As beauty technologies change and people find themselves short of time, lots of women are trying to find ways to trim some time off of their daily routines. By becoming a permanent makeup artist in Indiana, you can help women get the makeup looks they want. Permanent makeup artists also work with people whose features may have been affected by age, disease, or other factors. Because of this, becoming a permanent makeup artist can be a great way to change people’s lives and help them feel great about themselves.

Since permanent makeup involves tattooing color on the face, it requires a steady hand and a knowledge of proper tattooing procedures. You’ll need to be willing to learn about color theory, application techniques, and equipment usage at a permanent makeup school in Indiana.

You can search our school listings for permanent makeup programs in your area! Read on to learn more about this type of degree program.

Permanent Makeup Training Programs

You may spend several months completing your permanent makeup training. Training programs may be provided at beauty salons, vocational schools, or beauty schools. You’ll likely tackle a long list of course objectives as you work through your curriculum. Instructors will watch to make sure you understand color theory and know the anatomy of the skin and face. It’s also important to understand the safety and hygiene aspects of this career, like how bloodborne pathogens are spread and how needles must be safely stored. Permanent makeup application techniques and strategies are another important part of this program.

Clearly, you’ll need to take many in-depth courses to become a skilled permanent makeup technician! Some of the classes you take may include Client Considerations, Makeup Design and Technique, Basis of Color Theory, Post Procedure Instructions, Practical Demonstrations of Procedures, Procedure Preparation, and Legal Issues in Permanent Makeup Careers. After proving that you understand the theory of permanent makeup, you can move onto the hands-on practice part of your curriculum.

Requirements and Outlook for Permanent Makeup Artists

You may spend quite a bit of time learning about Indiana state requirements for permanent makeup artists. When you begin your career, you will be expected to follow state regulations at all times. To prepare you for this, your school may help you memorize legal statues that apply to permanent makeup application and teach you how they are carried out in your career.

Networking and continuing education are two very important parts of a career in permanent makeup application. At any given point, there may be new trends, new makeup colors, and new techniques that you need to know if you want to stay relevant in your career. That’s why many permanent makeup artists in Indiana decide to join local associations and go to Indiana-based training events. The Indiana Cosmetology Barbering Association represents all workers in the beauty industry, including permanent makeup artists.

Overall, the job outlook for skin care specialists in Indiana is fairly stable. O*Net predicts a 9% increase in skin care specialist jobs between 2012 and 2022, which reflects a lower growth rate than the national average. However, it is still positive, particularly in large cities where beauty services are in higher demand.

Though there is little information on salaries for skin care specialists in Indiana, you can look at what cosmetologists in this state earn as a starting point. Per O*Net, the average salary for an Indiana cosmetologist is $22,600 per year. They report salaries ranging up to $37,600 per year (O*Net, 2013).

As the women of Indiana become busier and take on more responsibilities, their need for easy beauty routines will only continue to grow. Your services can help women live easier, more confident lives! Contact local schools to get started today.