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Makeup Artist Schools in Indiana

With a low cost of living, plenty of cultural events, friendly communities, restaurants and shopping districts, Indiana offers many opportunities for aspiring makeup artists.

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

A makeup artist can enjoy starting their own business or work at one of many salons in the state. While many schools do not offer makeup artist specific programs, you can still enroll in a complete cosmetology program to prepare for certification. We recommend contacting several schools to make sure you are confident in your decision.

The job opportunities available to makeup artists in Indiana are expected to grow by at least 20 percent in the next few years.

There are plenty of excellent educational programs that offer makeup artistry certifications in Indiana. Through these programs, you can work with instructors who inspire you to reach your full potential as a makeup artist. Research the following list of makeup artistry schools in Indiana so that you can make a wise choice for your future career:

  • Regency Beauty Institute
  • The Salon Professional Academy
  • Michiana Beauty College
  • Roger’s Academy of Hair
  • Empire Beauty School
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
  • Crown College of Cosmetology
  • Tri-State Beauty College
  • David Demuth Institute-Cosmetology

Overview of Make-up Artist Schools and Curriculum in Indiana

These programs are all geared toward strengthening your creative talents as a makeup artist in Indiana.

Some of the required courses that you will take may include:

– Fundamentals of makeup application,
– Bridal makeup application
– Film and television makeup application
– Fashion industry makeup application
– Photo shoot makeup application
– Body art
– Professionalism
– Sanitation processes
– Salon management

You can also select non-required courses that focus on a particular aspect of makeup artistry that fascinates you, such as application of eye shadow, false lashes or even fake tattoos. Some makeup artistry programs also offer a certification in permanent makeup for those who have this interest.

Make-up Artist Licensing in Indiana

There is a license requirement for makeup artists in Indiana. Students must complete at least 163 days of schooling in an accredited makeup artistry program in Indiana. There is also a written and practical exam requirement for those who are seeking to become makeup artists in the state. Students who wish to obtain a makeup artist license must have completed the 10th grade and must also be at least 18 years of age. Students must also pay a $99 fee in order to receive a license in the state. Your education in a makeup artistry program should prepare you for the written and practical examinations that are required for receiving your license in the state.

Job and Employment Outlook for Make-up Artists in Indiana

Those who become makeup artists have a variety of career options that they may pursue. You may become a makeup artist for a cosmetic company and be critical in boosting sales of a cosmetics line. You may decide to be a solo makeup artist and serve clients who are of your own choosing. Fashion companies may hire you to provide services for important fashion shows.

The BLS reports that makeup artists earn an average salary of $29,000 a year in Indiana. The job opportunities available to makeup artists in Indiana are expected to grow by at least 20 percent in the next few years. About 400 makeup artists are currently employed in Indiana.

Although you may not find a makeup artist specific school in Indiana that suits your needs, check out these schools that offer cosmetology programs that can help you become a makeup artist!