Cosmetology Instructor Training in Illinois

In a cosmetology instructor training program, you can learn how to assist students in becoming professional cosmetologists. You will take courses at an Illinois cosmetology instructor training program that show you how to communicate effectively with students while performing live demonstrations. You will also learn interpersonal communication skills to guide students as they perform haircuts on clients in a student salon. Your duties as a cosmetology instructor may involve teaching theoretical courses and also assisting students in hands-on salon clinics. Illinois cosmetology instructor training programs also show you how to tailor your teaching method to the individual personalities of students in the classroom.

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One of the other benefits of taking courses in an instructor cosmetology program is that you can become qualified to teach courses in any area of cosmetology. Your degree empowers you to teach courses in esthetics, hair styling, hair cutting, nail technology and makeup application. You can even teach courses that focus on marketing or business management for students in a cosmetology program.

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Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Illinois

There are stringent requirements that you must meet to become a cosmetology instructor in Illinois. First, state law requires that you have a cosmetology license and pass a written exam in order to practice as a cosmetology instructor. You can find a study guide available on the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation to assist you in preparing for the national exam.  You must obtain at least 500 hours of teaching training from a licensed Illinois cosmetology school to receive a teacher license. You may also submit a reciprocity application if you have a cosmetology teacher license from another state. The Board will determine whether it accepts reciprocal applications on an individual basis. You may also submit evidence of three years of teaching experience to receive your license.

Employment Opportunities in Illinois

In Illinois, cosmetology instructors have the potential to earn an excellent salary at $59,900. This salary figure is quoted for those who are full-time cosmetology instructors. Beginning instructors may find that their salary falls within the $30,000 to $40,000 range. As the cosmetology profession continues to grow in Illinois, there is a high demand for qualified cosmetology instructors at beauty schools in the state. You may find that there are numerous open positions available after your graduation from a cosmetology instructor training program.

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