Barbering Schools in Illinois understands that becoming a professional barber is more than learning how to cut men’s hair. With modern styles blurring the lines between what is required to cut men and women’s hair, finding the right school is a critical step in your professional direction.

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Find a Barber School in Illinois

We have fostered relationships with the top beauty schools in Illinois that can help you develop the skills you need to be successful. You can quickly contact Success Barber School below, or you can view several other schools below the career outlook section at the bottom of this page.

Illinois can be an excellent state to kick off a career as a barber. The state has plenty of opportunities for those who wish to obtain a barbers’ license. Individuals who wish to excel in a career as a barber can find a variety of barber schools with innovative programs. After receiving a license in Illinois, students will feel equipped to practice in major cities like Chicago and smaller cities with more rural populations.

Overview of Barbering Schools and Curriculum

To become a master barber, there are many courses you will need to take to complete your training. Every school will have their own unique learning format and requirements.

Many barbering programs can equip you learn how to:

– Cut & style men’s hair
– Shaving technique
– Facials
– Scalp manipulation and facial massage
– Safety and sanitation
– Sales and management skills
– And more!

In addition to the courses you will take, make sure you check on career potential and financial aid opportunities. if the admissions officer cannot answer your financial aid questions, be sure to speak with someone in their financial aid office to learn your options. There are scholarships, aid, and grants that may be available. It’s best to ask so you can know for sure.

Since this is a big step in your career, take the time to do things right in the beginning so you can be well prepared for success when you complete your education.

Barber Licensing Requirements in Illinois

Pursuing a barber license in Illinois takes hard work and commitment. You will need to enroll in a barber school that has been licensed by the Illinois Board of Cosmetology. You will also need to accumulate at least 1,500 hours of coursework and study during your time in a barber school program.

After you complete a barber school program, you will then need to study for the written exam that is administered in Illinois. You will not be able to receive a license until you successfully pass this exam.

A barber license expires every two years in Illinois. Barbers will need to complete 14 hours of continuing education credits in order to receive a renewal of a license. Individuals may apply to transfer a barber license from another state. They must submit documentation and proof of their prior experience.

Job and Employment Outlook for Barbers in Illinois

Barbers earn a high average salary in Illinois in comparison with the national average. In Illinois, barbers can expect to earn a high average salary of $35,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationally, the average salary of barbers is about $22,500 a year.

Many schools do not have individual barbering programs – however, cosmetology programs can teach you barbering skills. Again, that’s why we strongly recommend contacting several schools to be sure you choose one that will help you meet your goals!

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Barbering Schools in Illinois

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