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Salon Management Programs in Idaho

From staff needs to customer satisfaction and budgeting, a lot goes into a successful salon! In many cases, owners can’t efficiently run the salon and take care of day-to-day salon occurrences. A good salon manager can be a salon owner’s right hand, taking care of a wide range of issues and contributing to the success of a salon.

You may currently work in a salon, perhaps as a stylist, manicurist, or shampooer. With a salon management degree, you may be able to develop the skills necessary to take on a management role in an Idaho salon. Even if you do not have prior salon experience, studying salon management can help you become familiar enough with this industry to become a successful manager.

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Salon Management Program Details

In a salon management program, you can expect to learn a wide set of general management skills and discover how these skills can be specifically applied to the cosmetology industry. Each school has its own curriculum and expectations, so you should check out as many options as possible before making your decision. For example, some salon management problems are only intended for licensed cosmetologists and other beauty professionals. Others are open to anyone who wants to get started in cosmetology management.

Much of what you learn in a salon management program will be focused on the legal aspects of salon running and management. After all, the salon owner will count on you to make sure that the salon is being run legally and appropriately in their absence. Topics you may cover in this part of your training include labor law, bookkeeping, business ethics, marketing and merchandising, and cleanliness in salons.

You may also learn about salon laws in Idaho. You’ll learn about staffing laws, break and labor rules, requirements for the storage and usage of salon materials, and how salons must be maintained and kept up to code.

A significant part of your curriculum may focus on staff management. Many unique personalities come together to work in salons, and you must be able to work with and communicate with all of them! You may learn about how to choose and hire the right staff, mediate staff disputes, handle staff complaints, and discipline staff members when necessary.

Career Outlook & Salary for Salon Managers

After you complete your spa/salon management training and get hired on as a salon manager, you may earn a wide range of salaries. Salaries often depend on where you work and how much responsibility you have. For example, a small salon that is just starting out may pay less than a large, established salon that employs dozens of stylists. The salary range reported by O*Net goes from $19,100 to $51,700. The average salary for an Idaho salon manager is $27,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Job growth in Idaho is promising. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a 12% increase in spa management jobs, a job growth rate that is slightly higher than the national average.

Taking advantage of networking opportunities may be an excellent way to take your career to the next level in Idaho. Professional associations and organizations may give you the chance to meet up with other salon professionals, learn about new changes in the salon industry, and discover career opportunities around the state. My Salon Association serves salon professionals in the Pacific Northwest, including Idaho.

It’s clear that a career in salon management can have a profound effect on your future. Contact Idaho spa salon management schools to get started!