Esthetics Schools in Idaho

Attend an esthetics school in Idaho to become a professional who specializes in skin care, beauty, and cosmetics. Esthetics help people look younger and help them manage skin problems and conditions. Estheticians in Idaho work at salons, spas, and resorts. Some work alongside doctors, providing specialty care to people with severely damaged skin. The profession should grow by 25 percent by 2020 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some estheticians go on to manufacture their own cosmetics lines.

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Overview of Idaho Esthetician License Requirements

Licensed Idaho estheticians can provide non-invasive care for face and body skin. Esthetics schools teach specific materials and techniques including:

– massage
– cleansing
– exfoliation
– waxing
– tinting eyebrows and eyelashes
– equipment use to provide skin care

The Idaho Board of Cosmetology – Bureau of Occupational Licenses requires estheticians to be 16 ½ years old and have had at least two years of high school.

Esthetics schools involve a 600-hour course of instruction. Estheticians in Idaho have the option of completing 1200 hours as an apprentice, learning the same topics as in school students. After completion of school or the apprenticeship, students must pass a written and a practical exam before receiving their esthetician license.

Idaho Esthetician Career Outlook

Most Idaho estheticians provide skin care services in salons and spas. Some work for department stores, assisting customers with skin care and cosmetic selection. Estheticians working in retail may advance to management positions over time. Medical estheticians work in health care offices with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Career opportunities for medical estheticians may also be at Medical Spas. Some estheticians work from their own home-based salon. Estheticians must focus on building a client base, regardless of where they work.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the annual average salary for estheticians throughout Idaho is $29,810 before tips. The Idaho Department of Labor reports the annual average salary as $30,592. The DOL is optimistic about the growth of esthetician jobs in the state, predicting job growth over 30 percent by 2020, higher than the nationwide average of 25 percent.

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Esthetics Schools in Idaho