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Cosmetology Instructor Training in Hawaii

If you have a passion for cosmetology, then you may find that becoming a cosmetology instructor is a great career option for you. Hawaii beauty school instructor programs help you learn how to conduct demonstrations in a classroom setting and pass on your love of cosmetology to your students. One of the benefits of pursuing your education in Hawaii is the relaxed environment and appreciation that residents have for the beauty industry.

As a cosmetology instructor, you help students refine their own skills in performing haircuts, applying makeup and consulting with clients. It is your job to show students how dynamic the cosmetology profession is through your lectures and practical demonstrations.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

It can take 600 to 750 hours to complete a cosmetology instructor training program and typically will take about six months to complete. Your courses in a cosmetology instructor training program will focus on lesson preparation, theoretical concepts, record keeping and managing a classroom. Instructors will be on hand to help you learn how to convey compelling lectures that help students retain knowledge. As you teach classes to students, you can continue to pursue a career as a makeup artist, hair stylist, beauty school owner, consultant or sales representative.

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Hawaii

In Hawaii, you are required to have a cosmetology license and at least 600 hours of instruction to become a cosmetology instructor. Cosmetology licenses must be renewed once every two years. If you forget to renew a license, then you will have three years in which you can re-instate the license. If you wait any longer then this, then you will have to appear before the Hawaii Board of Cosmetology to renew the license. There is a fee of $100 to renew a cosmetology license in the state.

Cosmetology Instructor Employment Opportunities in Hawaii

The BLS states that cosmetology instructors have the potential to earn $56,730 a year in Hawaii. There is a shortage of instructors in the state, as the BLS indicates that there are only 630 general vocational instructors in Hawaii. This means you can find plenty of job opportunities as instructors in Hawaii after completing your program.  You will find that private beauty schools offer competitive salaries and hourly rates, and may be a good career option for you. Public universities also hire cosmetology instructors for theoretical and seminar-based courses.