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Salon Management Programs in Georgia

Lots of professionals contribute to the successful running of a salon, from owners and founders to stylists and the people who clean up after everyone else goes home for the night. Salon management is a growing field in many parts of Georgia, particularly due to the beauty industry growing throughout the state. If you want to help manage a salon, or open your own business, use our school listings to find salon management programs in Georgia today!

Salon managers in Georgia are responsible for many behind-the-scenes operations and front-of-house salon needs. For example, Northwest Georgia News reports that Georgia is becoming more stringent about sanitation standards in salons throughout the state. Salon managers will likely play a prominent role in beauty salons as this change takes effect, particularly since salon owners may be too busy to become familiar with new guidelines and standards. There are also salon chains in the United States that are targeting Georgia as a major growth market.

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What You Can Expect as a Salon Manager

Salon management is a diverse and multifaceted field, so you’ll need a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare for the demands of this career. As you move through your curriculum, you’ll likely learn about how to manage staff of differing personalities and needs, how to respond to customer requests and complaints, and how to make sure that your staff members are providing the service they should be. However, you’ll also learn about other parts of management, like financial management and legal requirements for salons in Georgia.

If it sounds like you need to learn a lot to become a salon manager, you’re right! You may need to spend several months earning a certificate, and an Associate’s degree in salon management may take up to two years of full-time study.

As you look through your curriculum, you may find courses that involve salon theory and those that show you hands-on skills for salon management. Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Client Relations, Marketing and Merchandising in Salons, Sanitation in a Salon Setting, Human Resources in Salons, and Client Consultation & Salon Policies. These courses can prepare you for a role in front-of-house management, back-of-house management, or general salon management.

Networking, Salary and Career Outlook for Salon Managers

As you get ready to start your career in salon and spa management in Georgia, you can join the Georgia Spa & Salon Association. This group can be an excellent resource for new or experienced salon professionals. Members may network with other salon professionals in the area, attend training to stay up-to-date on salon laws and regulations, and learn about new opportunities throughout the state. It may be a great help as you navigate the salon industry in Georgia!

Georgia is home to some very well-known spas and salons, many of which employ managers or other leadership staff. Major salons in Georgia include Salon 124, Salon De La Vie, Fringe Hair Salon, and Davis Clay Salon.

Anticipated job growth in Georgia is quite promising! In the years between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects to see a 15% increase in salon management jobs, which works out to 150 new jobs per year.

Though you may start out on the lower end of the salary range as a new salon manager, you can earn more as you gain experience and seniority. O*Net reports salaries ranging from $18,800 to $54,500 per year, with an average annual salary of $30,100.

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