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Beauty Schools in McDonough Georgia

Who hasn’t dreamed about working in the beauty industry? Whether you drove your mom crazy by cutting the hair off of all your Barbie dolls or by using all of her expen-sive makeup on your stuffed animals, you may have had the right idea—a beauty ca-reer in McDonough might be just what you need to find a job you love.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

McDonough, a suburban community with almost 25,000 people, has plenty to offer you as an aspiring beauty student. At local beauty schools and technical colleges, you can study permanent hair removal, cosmetology, makeup application, skin care, and other beauty specialties. Why not spend a little time learning about the specialties and figur-ing out the right one for you?

As you learn about different beauty careers in Georgia, make sure you’re choosing one that’s right for your lifestyle. While a cosmetology program may involve more than nine months of study, a nail technology program may be completed in just a few weeks. You should think about what you really love to do in this field and what will make you hap-py for years to come, and then make your choice accordingly.

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Life and Career Options for Cosmetologists in McDonough Georgia

One of the coolest parts of living in McDonough is the range of beauty salaries report-ed in this area. Since McDonough is just a stone’s throw from Atlanta, McDonough beauty professionals tend to earn salaries that are slightly higher than the national av-erage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that barbers earn an average of $12.27 per hour, while makeup artists earn an average of $19.35 per hour (2015). Me-dian salaries in this area are $13.23 per hour for cosmetologists and $12.48 for mani-curists (BLS, 2015).

Living in this city means becoming part of the Atlanta beauty community. If you’re will-ing to travel to Atlanta for events and expos, you may be able to keep learning all year long. This area has a big natural hair community, which is why it hosts the World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show every year. Even though it takes time to build a network and attend events, it’s an effort that pays off. Who knows? One of your contacts may put you in touch with your dream job, show you how to work more efficiently, or help you learn the ropes of the Atlanta beauty community.

When you graduate, it’s time to hit the streets and start applying for jobs. Luckily, McDonough has a busy downtown area with plenty of beauty employers. Local places of employment include G.L.A.M. Natural Hair Salon, dJea Natural Hair Spa, Theresa Hair Bar Salon, ULTA Salon, and Fazes of X’pression. There are lots of opportunities to explore here!

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