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Beauty Schools in St. Petersburg Florida

When you walk past someone with a tragic haircut or makeup that is all wrong for their face, what do you do? Do you think about it for a second and put it out of your mind, or do you think about all the ways that you could fix their look? If you fall into the second group, the beauty industry of St. Petersburg needs you.

If you are considering a career in beauty, one of the first steps is choosing a career. Everyone knows about cosmetology, the longest program in this field. Plan on spend-ing at least nine months in school to get a cosmetology license. However, you may want to learn about specialized fields, like barbering, makeup artistry, esthetics, laser hair removal, and nail technology. Most of these programs are much shorter than cos-metology, so if you really love one particular aspect of the field, you might be able to start your career in a matter of weeks.

You should definitely spend some time finding out what is expected in beauty school and getting ready for everything you are going to learn. Following local cosmetologists and salons on social media, contacting schools, and talking to working beauty profes-sionals can get you revved up and ready to go.

Ready to make St. Petersburg a little bit more beautiful? Learn more now by contacting beauty schools in St. Petersburg.

Life and Career Options for Cosmetologists in St. Petersburg Area

If you’ve spent any time living in St. Petersburg, you probably already know that this is a great place to start working in cosmetology. This growing city, with over 250,000 po-tential clients, has plenty of fun and modern beauty employers. After you graduate, you might find job openings at local salons and employers like Estee Lauder, Dermalogica, SalonCentric, and Simply Organic Beauty.

Since St. Petersburg is a large metropolitan area, you might be able to earn more mon-ey in this region than you would in a suburban or rural area. Cosmetologists earn an average wage of $13.63 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015). Manicurists bring in an average of $11.33 per hour (BLS, 2015). Those who go into skin care claim an average wage of $15.68 per hour (BLS, 2015).

In St. Petersburg and nearby cities, there are beauty expos and events that can help you keep learning in your professional life. The Natural Hair Health and Beauty Expo takes place every year in this area, and events in other cities give you a great excuse for a road trip.

You may also want to join local associations to network and get in touch with beauty professionals. The main association for beauty networking in Florida is the Florida Association of Cosmetology and Technical Schools. Hey, you can even join as a student! Taking that extra time to build a network can make it much easier for you to become part of the beauty commu-nity when you start working.

Request program materials from the St. Petersburg cosmetology schools listed below to learn more about entering the beauty industry in this part of Florida.