Permanent Makeup Training in Florida

In a state where beauty and appearance is an increasingly important factor, permanent cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more in demand.  Most Florida training programs offer extensive training that lasts for a few months while some schools do offer accredited courses that only last one weekend, making it an easily started career.

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If you choose to attend a permanent makeup training course in Florida, you’ll start in a beginner’s instruction program to learn the basics in color pigmentation, client consultation and sanitation and sterilization.

Most students then choose to complete an advanced course.  There you will learn how to perform a number of procedures including, cosmetic tattooing, areola restoration, application of permanent eyelashes, lip and eyeliner.  Part of the training also includes obtaining your blood borne pathogen and communicable disease training.

Permanent Makeup Licensing in Florida

If you are interested in doing micropigmentation in Florida, you need to acquire a license through the Florida Department of Health, the same as a tattoo artist does. You may discover that you want to work as a tattoo artist in addition to doing cosmetic tattooing in order to increase your earnings. To earn licensure, a person must complete an educational program that trains him or her on how to do cosmetic tattoo procedures.

Recently, Florida regulations changed its policy for permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists to no longer require a doctors or a physicians supervision while performing body enhancing procedures.

Career Outlook for Permanent Makeup Artist in Florida

Disney World is the one of the leading states for jobs in the cosmetology field, as expressed by data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This combined with the pressures to maintain appearance makes Florida a prime location for permanent makeup artists.   Information provided by indicates that a person working as a permanent makeup artist in Florida earns about $46,000 annually. This can vary greatly on if you combine permanent cosmetic procedures with basic cosmetology, nail technician and esthics services.

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Permanent Makeup Training in Florida