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Beauty Schools in Daytona Beach FL

Have you ever cruised the streets of Daytona Beach, looking at all the tourists and thinking about how cool it would be to be a beauty professional? You’d get to work with new clients every week, explore new techniques, and probably enjoy some extra tip money during tourist season.

If you want to become a beauty specialist, you’ll need to get started at a Daytona Beach beauty school or technical college. There are lots of different programs, like cosmetology, barbering, and nail technology. If you go into cosmetology, you’ll spend about nine months in school, while a field like nail technology only takes a couple of months.

No matter which specialty you are interested in, make sure you get lots of hands-on practice. It’s important to hit the books and learn your theory, but nothing compares to working with real customers. As a bonus, you may find some really fun customers that love your work and take their business to you after graduation!

Learn more about what it takes to become a cosmetologist with our list of Daytona Beach beauty schools.

Life and Career Options in Daytona Beach Area

When you start your career in Daytona Beach, your salary may vary from week to week, since beauty salaries are dependent on tips. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average hourly wage of $11.18 for Daytona Beach cosmetologists.

You know that connecting with people is an important part of your social life, but as a cosmetologist, it’s also an important part of your professional success. Get involved with a local group like the Florida Association of Cosmetology and Technical Schools to learn from the experience of cosmetologists who have been in your shoes before.

Working hard in cosmetology school can really pay off when you start looking for jobs, since lots of employers look at your grades and your instructor references. Employers in Daytona Beach include ULTA Salon, Salon 230, Bei Capelli, and Ecocentric Green Salon.