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Permanent Makeup in Washington DC

Technology makes the beauty industry a little bit more exciting every year. The more new advances and tools that come out, the more beauty professionals can meet the needs of their clients. Washington DC, which is home to some of the best salons in the United States, is often ahead of the game when it comes to new beauty trends and technology.

If you are looking for a beauty career that lets you use technology in a new and challenging way, why not try out permanent makeup? Applying permanent makeup involves using tattoo needles to deposit very precise amounts of pigment on the skin. It requires an eye for detail, steady hands, and intense focus.

Ready to find out what it takes to become a permanent makeup artist? Keep reading to discover permanent makeup programs in Washington DC.

Education Requirements for Permanent Makeup in DC

In some states, permanent makeup is not regulated. However, Washington DC does have licensing regulations for those who go into permanent makeup. You can take your tests and submit your applications through Pearson VUE.

The government agency responsible for licensing is the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. To get your license, you’ll need to complete a 500-hour apprenticeship or supply proof of 4000 hours of body art procedures.

Because of these requirements, you may begin working before getting licensed and complete your training under the supervision of an experienced permanent makeup artist.

This beauty specialty is still relatively new, so the state mostly leaves it up to individual instructors and tattoo artists to decide what to teach.

However, the following subjects must be covered during your education:
• Blood-borne pathogens
• First aid

You do need to pay some fees to become a licensed body artist. The apprentice fee in Washington DC is $175 and the technician licensing fee is $120. You become licensed after passing the Body Artist Tattooist examination.

Working as a Permanent Makeup Artist in DC

There are lots of benefits that come with working in Washington DC. First, this area has a very active beauty community, so you can learn a lot from others in the same line of work. The Professional Beauty Association is a national organization for beauty professionals, but it is headquartered in Washington DC.

Each year, this group hosts Welcome to Our World, a beauty expo located in Washington DC. With how large the beauty community is in this area, you may get the chance to attend many educational and career-boosting beauty events.

The demand for beauty professionals is increasing all over the United States, and this trend carries through in Washington DC. Currently, skin care specialists in Washington DC earn an average of $32,100 per year (O*Net, 2016). Job openings in skin care are expected to increase 40% through the year 2022 (O*Net, 2016).

Since this is a licensed career, you must work in specifically approved settings. Salons and spas with licensed tattoo facilities may employ permanent makeup artists, as do licensed tattoo parlors. These facilities are held to extremely high standards of cleanliness and sanitation, since tattoo needles carry the risk of spreading disease or infection.

With a career in permanent makeup, you can give people self-confidence and an appearance they love. Get started now by contacting permanent makeup training programs in Washington DC!