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Electrolysis Training Programs in Delaware

Delaware was the first state to join the Union, thus the nickname the “First State.” Delaware is one of the smallest states when you’re speaking about population and size, but all 2,023 square miles of it is loaded with possibilities. Even though it’s small, Delaware makes the list of the top-10 most densely populated states. You can begin a career as an electrologist and benefit from everything that makes DE unique.

Overview of Electrolysis Programs and Curriculum in Delaware

In the “First State,” you’ll learn everything you need to know to be a first-time electrologist such how the lasers work. You’ll learn the basics of anatomy, physiology, cytology, histology, bacteriology and dermatology. All of these classes will prepare you to perform laser hair removal on different parts of the body. You’ll learn the terminology used in the business as well as how to give a consultation. You’ll be taught how to use the equipment and how to care for it. You’ll also receive education on how to keep your clients safe when you’re performing electrolysis. Many classes also include ethics and business lessons to prep you for working as an electrologist in a clinical setting.

Overview of Electrolysis Licensing in Delaware

You don’t need to work under the supervision of a physician or nurse in the state of DE. You do, however, have to obtain at least a 10th-grade education or the equivalent of one prior to enrolling in a training course. You have two options to earn your licensure: an apprenticeship or classroom hours. If you choose to enroll in a program, you’ll need to complete 300 classroom hours. For an apprenticeship, you need to complete 600 hours. After you complete one of the two, you need to take the Board’s examination, which includes a theory portion and a practical portion. Your license will expire on each even year and will require renewal by March 31st of each even year.

Job and Employment Outlook for Those in Electrolysis in Delaware

This particular specialty of cosmetology is expected to grow much faster than average jobs, which is very positive for those interested in becoming an electrolysis technician. In fact, jobs in skincare specialties are projected to grow by 25 percent from 2010 until 2020, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The national average for salary is $13.77 or $28,640 per year.