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Cosmetology Instructor Training in Delaware

Delaware cosmetology instructor education programs can help you get started in a lifelong career of inspiring, motivating and instructing students. You can become a cosmetology instructor after taking courses in cosmetology theory, curriculum review, lesson planning, student evaluations, teaching methods and classroom management.

You can also gain practical experience by performing your lesson plans in front of a live audience and receiving feedback from established instructors in the field. Established instructors will help you learn how to improve your communication style or better relate to students in the classroom for instructional purposes.

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You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.

In Delaware, the cosmetology instructor training programs take six months to one year to complete. Students may enroll in part-time, evening or full-time programs. The part-time or evening programs may take nine months to one year to complete.

Cosmetology instructor training programs will help you learn how to perform live demonstrations in front of a class full of students. Your students will be able to excel in their own hair styling, skin care and nail care skills. You may also teach courses in professional etiquette, salon management and sanitation as a cosmetology instructor.

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Delaware

The Delaware State Board of Cosmetology requires that you have a current cosmetology license in the state  and obtain at least 500 training hours in an approved cosmetology instructor program in the state. You also have the option of only completing 250 training hours in an approved cosmetology instructor program if you have at least two years of work experience as a cosmetologist. You will need to renew your cosmetology instructor license every two years in Delaware. There is no requirement that you obtain continuing education credits to renew a license.

Cosmetology Instructor Employment Opportunities in Delaware

The BLS states that vocational education teachers can earn a median salary of $49,350 a year in Delaware. For cosmetology instructors, the starting salary is typically $51,000 or more depending on if you choose to work full or part-time in addition to working at a salon. There is a significant demand for qualified cosmetology instructors in Delaware. You can benefit from this demand by finding a variety of job opportunities and also enjoying an increased starting salary at one of the numerous cosmetology schools.

You can find open instructor positions available at private beauty schools in Delaware. A placement agency or career services office may be able to help you in landing your first job after graduation. You may also find that a local community college is also hiring cosmetology instructor, as many local colleges offer this program.