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Beauty Schools in Stamford CT

It is no secret that Connecticut has a large beauty community with a diverse mix of cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, makeup artists, and other professionals. If you are naturally creative and you love working with people, you’ve likely thought about what it would take to get involved in this field. In Stamford, a city of 128,000 people, there’s a handful of local and national beauty schools that can help you prepare for your ideal beauty career.

As a beauty student and aspiring professional, you can network with working beauty professionals throughout Connecticut. The National Cosmetology Association of Connecticut is the state’s largest cosmetology organization. In addition, Stamford is extremely close to other large cities like Manhattan, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn.

It’s time to begin your career in cosmetology, and it all starts here. Reach out to Stamford beauty schools for more information.

Life and Career Options in Stamford Area

Though Stamford has a population of just over 120,000 people, its streets are lined with beauty employers, shops, salons, and spas. Depending on which specialty you earn your license in, you may have a solid range of job options to look into. Local beauty employers include Conair, Saks Fifth Avenue, ULTA Salon, Noelle Spa for Beauty and Wellness, and Benefit Cosmetics.

Salaries in the Stamford area are pretty competitive, which is of course a huge benefit to you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that cosmetologists in Stamford earn an average of $14.65 per hour. The average wage for a manicurist is $10.06 per hour, and shampooers bring in an average of $11.14 per hour (BLS, 2015). Currently, the average wage for a skin care specialist is $23.85 per hour (BLS, 2015).

Since Connecticut in such a small state, you may be able to attend many different expos and trade shows throughout the year. This is great for your career and your skill set. One of the biggest expos in Connecticut is the Connecticut Natural Hair Expo.

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