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Cosmetology Instructor Training in Connecticut

When you enroll in a Connecticut cosmetology instructor training program, you will learn how to build a curriculum, create lesson plans and effectively educate future generations of cosmetology students. In Connecticut, the cosmetology instructor training programs typically last for eight months.

Your educational experience will include listening to lectures from established instructors in theoretical concepts and gaining experience in simulated classroom lectures. You will learn how to perform live demonstrations in which you work with models to cut hair and show students hair design techniques. In addition, you will feel confident to respond to the questions and concerns that your students have.

The courses that you will take in a cosmetology instructor training program include introduction to teaching, teaching methodology, pedagogy, human psychology, live demonstrations and more. Your education will empower you to make a difference in the cosmetology profession and to assist your students in working with their own clinical clients. You will learn how to provide both theoretical instruction and skills-based instruction to your students.

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in Connecticut

In Connecticut, you are required to obtain a license in order to become cosmetology instructors. The State Connecticut Board of Cosmetology also requires that you successfully complete the cosmetology instructor examination. The fee for taking the instructor examination is only $20 in Connecticut. The statutes do not define whether you must have a certain number of years of experience in order to receive an instructor license. All cosmetology licenses must be renewed every two years, and there is a fee of $100 to renew a license. In addition, 10 continuing education credits are required for the proper renewal of a license in Connecticut. You can learn more about how to earn these credits and available seminars by getting in touch with the Connecticut Board of Cosmetology.

Employment Opportunities in Connecticut for Cosmetology Instructors

The average salary of vocational education teachers in Connecticut is about $44,770 a year in Connecticut. The hourly wages that vocational education teachers earn can be estimated at $21.00 an hour. If you are interested in becoming a cosmetology instructor, then you can find job opportunities at beauty schools and choose to either work full or part-time. There are opportunities that are available beyond the traditional role of an instructor in hair styling or another area of cosmetology. You may choose to work as a dean or pursue another type of administrative role in a beauty school.