Cosmetology Instructor Training in California

As job opportunities for hair stylists and cosmetologists grow in California, more students will likely be attending cosmetology programs in the future.

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Find a Cosmetology Instructor School

It can be the perfect time for you to achieve your dream of becoming a cosmetology instructor by attending one of the cosmetology instructor training programs in the state. Experienced instructors are available to help you develop the teaching skills and techniques that you need to thrive in a cosmetology program.

In a cosmetology instructor training program, you can take theoretical and practical application courses. Instructors help prepare you for teaching beauty concepts to students, and they also prepare you for imparting knowledge of practical techniques to students. You will feel prepared to enter the teaching world and help students learn how to cut hair, apply makeup, perform nail technology services and other aspects of cosmetology. Most cosmetology instructors in California choose to teach either theoretical or practical technique courses, but you may also choose to teach business or marketing courses in a cosmetology school if you also possess this knowledge.

Licensing Requirements for Cosmetology Instructors in California

To become a cosmetology instructor in California, you need to first obtain a cosmetologist license. Upon receiving a cosmetologist license, you also need to then receive a certification through post-secondary education if you wish to teach courses in permanent makeup, makeup artistry or electrology.

California laws do require that you have a license if you wish to practice as a cosmetology instructor in the state. You will need to contact the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology if you are interested in applying for licensure as a cosmetology instructor in the state. The median processing time for a license application is about 15 days in California.

California also requires that you renew your cosmetology license ever two years in odd years, and this applies for instructors as well.  This will cost $50 if done before your license has expired and $75 if it’s past its expiration date.

Employment Opportunities in California

In California, cosmetology instructors have the potential to earn an excellent salary. You may earn as much as $65,380 as a cosmetology instructor in the state, which falls under the vocational education teachers category according to the BLS. As a cosmetology instructor, you can choose to teach courses with which you are most familiar. If you have experience in hair styling or esthetics, then you may choose to teach solely these courses in a cosmetology program.  You may also opt for continuing to work in a salon and just being a guest in cosmetology programs in your area if you would still like to mainly focus on working with clients.

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Featured Cosmetology Instructor Training Schools in California

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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