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Salon Management Programs in Arkansas

If you have experience working in a salon, you know how important order and organization are. With cosmetology professionals in a variety of specialties and dozens of customers to keep happy at any given point, those who work in a salon must be able to work efficiently and work as a team. Who ensures that a salon’s needs are met and that its team members work together? Salon managers — they’re often considered the backbone of productive, successful salons.

If you would like to explore becoming a salon manager in Arkansas, simply contact the listed schools below for program details.

Overview of Salon Management Schools in Arkansas

As a salon management student, you need to rapidly build up a wide set of skills and learn how to use them in a beauty setting. You may revisit the field of cosmetology as a whole, even if you have recent work experience as a cosmetologist. With this training, you can learn about cosmetology laws and statutes, delve into advanced techniques, and find out what is expected of management personnel in this field.

Other parts of your training may cover general business skills, which can be put to use in other industries as well. Knowing how to pay staff, keep a business up to code, and order supplies can help you take some of the load off of your salon owner’s shoulders. Staff management is a crucial aspect of running a salon, from hiring and letting go of staff to motivating them on a daily basis. Plan on testing your staff management skills in a real salon setting before you graduate.

Salon Management Licensing in Arkansas

As is the case in many states, Arkansas does not require licensure for salon managers. If you wish to perform cosmetology procedures as part of your work, though, you do need a cosmetology license.

Job and Employment Outlook for Salon Managers in Arkansas

Arkansas can be an excellent place to get started as a salon manager. In the years from 2012 through 2022, O*Net reports that the average salary for an Arkansas salon manager is $29,100 per year.

When you get started in your career, having a strong professional network can be ex-tremely helpful. It may help you find great staff members, learn new techniques, and keep your salon up-to-date on new trends. Consider attending expos, trade shows, and cosmetology meetings to stay involved in your community.

Arkansas has a growing need for skilled cosmetology managers. Get started in this field now by contacting salon management schools in Arkansas for more information.