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Salon Management Programs in Alaska



Are you a natural leader who’s looking for a way to use your leadership abilities in a new setting? Perhaps you have prior work experience in the beauty industry and you want to contribute to the high standards of this industry. You may be a great fit for a salon management career!

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Overview of Salon Management Schools in Alaska

Salon managers have to bring a number of skills to their chosen career. The ability to multitask is important, as is the ability to work effectively and professionally with people of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. If you can stay calm and collected during busy periods, all the better. Find out more about what this career entails by learning about salon management programs in Alaska.

Salon management programs in Alaska are meant to help you reach specific learning goals and build the skills that today’s salon owners are looking for. By the time you graduate from your program, you should be able to direct staff, act as a strong leader no matter which setting you’re in, and take care of day-to-day business management asks on behalf of your owner.

To reach these learning goals, you should plan on spending between six months and two years in school. Some of your classes may focus on the cosmetology industry, giv-ing you the background and knowledge you need to understand what cosmetologists do on a daily basis. Other courses focus on how to manage a business. From paying bills and processing payroll to filling out end-of-day paperwork, every aspect of being a great manager is emphasized in this training. By combining your management abilities with your knowledge of the beauty industry, you can become a great management professional.

Salon Management Licensing in Alaska

Salon managers in Alaska do not need to be licensed. However, cosmetology licensure can be beneficial in this career.

Job and Employment Outlook for Salon Managers in Alaska

Alaska’s job outlook for salon managers is quite positive, so you may have a number of opportunities to consider when you start your career. O*Net predicts a 12% increase in salon management jobs through the year 2022, which is slightly more positive than the national average. In addition, you may boost your earning potential by pursuing a career in this field. Per O*Net, the average salary for an Alaska spa manager is $38,100 per year. This is almost $3,000 higher than the national average (O*Net, 2013). You may be able to make the most of your career by networking with other cosmetology professionals at local events and meetings.

Are you interested in finding out what a career in salon management can do for your future? Find out by contacting salon management schools in Alaska from the list below.