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Alaska Makeup Artist Schools



If you are seeking adventure and want to see the Northern Lights, then you may want to move to Alaska for your makeup artistry career.  Alaska is the type of place for the makeup artist who is ready to receive guidance and support from instructors in a makeup artistry program. The following is a list of the makeup artistry programs that Alaska has for you to explore:

– MetrOasis ATC Beauty School
– Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
– Trend Setters School of Beauty
– Academy of Hair Design
– Euphoria Institute
– Wake Up with Makeup

Overview of Makeup Artist Schools and Curriculum in Alaska

Before you enroll in a makeup artistry school, you may want to travel to Alaska and visit some of the schools in the state. This can give you a chance to experience the weather, communities and quality of the educational programs offered in the state. You will enjoy being able to view the campus facilities and see how students use their makeup artistry skills every day. Makeup artistry instructors can also explain the types of job opportunities that are typically available to students upon graduation. In a typical program at a makeup artistry school, some of the courses that you will take are film & television makeup, bridal makeup, body art, fashion makeup, professionalism-marketing yourself, photo shoot makeup, freelance makeup artistry and other courses. Taking these courses will inspire and motivate you to fully develop your talents as a makeup artist.

Makeup Artist Licensing and Certification

There is a license requirement in Alaska, and students are expected to complete at least 82 days of schooling in an accredited program in the state. Students must also complete two exams after they fulfill the education requirement. There is no minimum age or grade level requirements for students to complete prior to applying for the license. Students will need to pay the $205 fee for the license. The benefit of pursuing a makeup artistry license is that the educational requirements are quite minimal in comparison with other beauty licenses in the state. By pursuing your education for just a few months, you will earn a degree and license that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will be able to provide makeup services to clients for many years after just dedicating yourself to a program for these few months. Also check out the Alaska Board of Cosmetology.

Job and Employment Outlook for Alaskan Makeup Artists

Makeup artists can do everything from working on the set of a photo shoot to prep models to creating their own publication that features makeup tips. Makeup artists frequently start their own small businesses, and they may rent salon space or do at-home appointments for their clients.

According to the BLS, makeup artists earn an excellent average salary of about $47,000 a year. Even better, this salary will likely grow by 16 percent as the makeup artistry and greater beauty industry develops in Alaska.