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Puruse a Fashion Design Career!

You’ve likely thought about what a big role fashion plays in your life. Everything you wear, from the pajamas you put on when you go to sleep to the outfit you wear to a job interview, was created by a fashion designer. Fashion can tell the world who you are, what you value, and what you’re all about. As a fashion designer, you could create the clothing that people use to tell their story!

One of the benefits of starting out in fashion design is the huge amount of specialties you can get involved in. Of course, you can design clothing for men, women, and children. There are also specialties like fitness wear, sleepwear, costumes, and formalwear. The Kansas City Star reports that clothing for pets has recently become extremely popular in Kansas, providing another venue for successful designers! Our school listings can help you find the right school for your new career.

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Getting a Fashion Degree in Kansas

There are quite a few fashion schools in Kansas, which means that you might be able to choose a school with courses that fit your career goals! Talking to representatives of each school can help you figure out where you may best fit in.

Degree options in Kansas vary from school to school, so you can spend two to four years in school earning a fashion design degree. If you pursue an Associate’s degree, you might be able to graduate in about two years. If you major or minor in fashion design at the Bachelor’s degree level, you can plan on spending about four years in school.

You may build a broad foundation of knowledge in fashion design before you start developing your practical skills at a professional level. Lower-level courses you may take include Foundations of Drawing, Foundations of 2D Design, and Industry, Theory, & Practice. In these courses, you can start building up your artistic abilities and learning about what artistic style is expected in the fashion industry.

As you work through the curriculum at your school of choice, you may take higher-level fashion courses. Examples include Fashion History, Design Methodology, Fashion Marketing & Brand Development, and Design to Brand. As you approach the end of your degree, you may complete an internship or practical experience with a local fashion designer. This experience can help you start building valuable connections in the community.

The Job Outlook for Kansas Fashion Designers

The salary you earn as a fashion designer in Kansas may depend on many factors, including your place of employment, the type of fashion design you do, and how much experience you get in the field. According to O*Net, the average salary for a Kansas fashion designer is $45,600 per year. They report salaries ranging from $27,500 to $96,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

The job outlook in Kansas is in line with the rest of the country. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a slight decrease in fashion design jobs in Kansas. However, this may change as the economy starts to recover and fashion becomes a larger priority throughout the state.

As a fashion professional and student in Kansas, you should look into organizations and events that can further your career. AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, has a location in Kansas City that unites Kansas fashion designers. Kansas City Fashion Week is an annual event that showcases the best of Kansas fashion design.

Now that you know more about this field, it’s time to make your move! Contact local schools to get started.

Fashion Schools in Kansas

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