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Nail Technician Licensing in Missouri



Missouri Nail Technician License Requirements

Nail technology is one of the most popular parts of the beauty industry. No matter how stressed out someone is, a relaxing manicure or pedicure can completely turn their day around. With a nail technician license, Missouri beauty professionals can work in nail salons, hair salons, and spas.

In Missouri, licensing is supervised by the Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. This process is beneficial for you, your customers, and the beauty industry as a whole. It gives you a way to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge to potential employers, even if you do not yet have any work experience in this industry. It helps customers feel confident about choosing a licensed professional for their beauty needs.

High licensing standards keep the beauty industry growing and improving.

Nail License Missouri Fees and Hours

• $100 application fee
• $150 testing fee
• Fees payable by credit card, money order, or certified check
• 400 hours training or 800 hours of apprenticeship training

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Missouri

Before you can get your license, you have to have the skills and knowledge to back up your chosen career. At a licensed Missouri school, you can complete your 400 hours of training. Your 400 hours must be split among certain topics and skills, found below.

Courses Required at Missouri Nail Tech Schools

• Manicuring, hand and arm massage, and treatment of nails: 220 hours
• Salesmanship and shop management: 20 hours
• Sanitation and sterilization: 20 hours
• Anatomy: 10 hours
• State law: 10 hours
• Chemical use: 40 hours
• Unallocated hours: 80 hours

As you learn how to get a nail tech license in MO, you may wonder how you build up speed and learn how to master certain procedures. Hands-on practice is the key. At your school, you should start by working with mannequin hands and models.

As you proceed, you get to work with clients while being supervised by an instructor.

If you are ready to explore your training options, scroll down to the list of schools below and request information now.

How to Get a Nail Tech License Renewed in Missouri

You receive your initial practice license after passing your licensing exams. Then, you can finally begin your career. The final component of MO nail tech licensing is renewal. Every two years by the last day in September, you must submit your license renewal application. The renewal fee is only $30 and Missouri does not require any continuing education.

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