Nail Technician Licensing in Minnesota

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Minnesota Nail Technician License Requirements

By completing the right training and earning a nail technician license, you can get involved in one of the hottest cosmetology specialties in the United States. The Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners licenses nail technicians in addition to barbers, cosmetologist, estheticians, and other beauty professionals.

Those who are new to the beauty industry often wonder why licensing is even required. Consider the dangerous chemicals that you work with as a nail technician or cosmetologist. These chemicals need to be used in the correct manner and amounts to be safe. Improper use can cause serious damage to clients or practitioners.

Licensing ensures that people who are providing services in salons have the training they need to keep clients safe.

MN Nail Technician Licensing Fees and Hours

• $195 licensing fee
• Combined $90 testing fee
• Fees payable by check or money order
• 350 training hours

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Minnesota

A major part of discovering how to get a nail tech license in Minnesota is choosing a school that fits your needs. If you succeed in your training, you are more likely to have the knowledge and skills needed to pass your licensing exams. The Board of Cosmetologist Examiners set certain curricular requirements for licensed schools.

Required Courses at Minnesota Nail Tech Schools

• 50 hours: Anatomy, dermatology, and chemistry; electricity and lights; safety procedures
• Applied science and skills in cleaning, conditioning, shaping, reinforcing, coloring, and enhancing nails
• Applied skills in application and repair of artificial nails
• 150 hours: Clinical instruction and experience
• At least 50 manicures
• At least 10 applications of artificial nails

Training lays a foundation for your professional knowledge and the rest of the licensing process. Check out your options now with our list of schools below. Contact local programs to learn more about getting a nail tech license in MN.

How to Get a Nail Tech License Renewed in Minnesota

After your initial licensing period, you have to keep your license renewed if you plan on continuing to work as a nail technician. In Minnesota, the renewal cycle is three years. At the end of each three-year cycle, you must pay a $115 renewal fee. This jumps to $160 if you are late. You need either a total of 1800 hours of work experience or 400 hours in each of the three years. Prior to renewal, you must take a four-credit continuing education course in safety and sanitation.

Ready to earn your nail technician license? Minnesota schools are ready to help you get started. Compare schools below and request information from options that catch your eye.

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