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Nail Technician Licensing in Louisiana



Louisiana Nail Technician License Requirements

When you decide to jump into a career in the beauty industry, you may be surprised by how many different career options there are. If you have steady hands, an eye for detail, and a creative streak, you could make customers feel beautiful with on-point nail art, perfectly applied artificial nails, and smooth polish.

Before you can work in Louisiana, you have to learn how to get a nail tech license in Louisiana. This process goes through the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology, which holds applicants to very high educational and examination standards.

Licensure requirements make it easier for salons to hire qualified applicants and help consumers choose licensed nail technicians for their procedures. This procedure can help you a lot in the early stages of your career, when you still need to build a reputation and a solid base of clients.

Nail Technician License Louisiana Fees and Hours

• $25 each for theory examination and practical examination
• $25 licensing fee; $50 for nonresidents
• Fees payable by check, money order, or cashier’s check
• 500 training hours

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Louisiana

Since nail technician licensing only requires 500 hours of training in Louisiana, you may be able to start your career faster than you think. Before awarding a nail tech license, Louisiana requires applicants to study specific topics and gain certain skills in this field.

Louisiana Nail Technician License Courses

• Human physiology
• Nail composition
• Chemistry
• Sanitizing and sterilizing
• Supplies and implements
• Artificial and natural nail technology
• Manicuring
• Pedicuring
• Basic massage
• Application and repair of artificial nails
• Safety and infection control
• Louisiana laws and statutes

After you complete your education at one of the nail tech schools in Louisiana, you can move on to the testing portion of earning a license. This involves passing a written test and a skills test.

Find out more about local training options by contacting nail technician programs below.

How to Get a Nail Tech License Renewed in Louisiana

Upon earning your initial license, you can work freely in Louisiana. By following Louisiana renewal requirements, you may continue working without interruption. State law requires licensees to renew every year by their birthday. The renewal fee is $25 for Louisiana residents and $50 for nonresidents.

There are no continuing education requirements, but continuing education is an easy and reliable way to keep your skills up-to-date in this field.

Now it’s time to get started on your new career path. Compare local schools below and reach out to programs in your community.

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