Nail Technician Licensing in Idaho

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Idaho Nail Technician License Requirements

Beauty is a highly regulated field—and if you want to become a nail technician in Idaho, you’ll need to go through the Idaho Board of Cosmetology to start your career. This involves going through an approved training program and passing state-required licensing exams.

Following licensing standards in Idaho is an important part of succeeding in the beauty industry. Licensure helps clients feel safe and confident when choosing a nail technician, since it demonstrates that you’ve met high training and testing standards. Having fair licensing standards for all beauty practitioners improves the cosmetology industry as a whole.

Idaho Nail Technician License Fees and Hours

• $10 licensing fee
• Exam fees may be paid online via credit card for a $10 additional charge
• 400 training hours or 800 apprenticeship hours
• Tests administered by DL Roope

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Idaho

As you learn how to get a nail tech license in Idaho, you may find that training is one of the most important parts of becoming licensed. Not only do you have to get at least 350 training hours at an approved school, your training hours must cover specific skills and techniques.

The curricular guidelines below are used by Idaho schools to outline nail tech programs.

Courses Taught at Idaho Nail Tech Schools

• Hygiene
• Bacteriology
• Histology of the hands, feet, skin, muscles, nails and nerves
• Hands and feet structure
• Sterilization and antiseptics
• Diseases of the hands and feet
• Massaging and manipulating muscles of the hands and feet
• Electricity
• Form nails
• Finished tips
• Wraps and mends
• Manicures and pedicures

The time you spend earning a nail technician license is well-spent. By the time you graduate, you should be completely confident in your ability to work independently with customers and exceed their expectations.

A high-quality school is your first stop. Use our list of Idaho nail technician schools to request information from schools that interest you!

How to Get a Nail Tech License Renewed in Idaho

After you start working as a nail technician in Idaho, you have to keep your license up-to-date throughout your career. You have to renew your Idaho nail license every year. Renewing late comes with an additional fee and it forbids you from working until you have completed the renewal process. Currently, the renewal fee in Idaho is $10.

Now that you know all about nail tech licensing in ID, you know that training is the first step. Since this is a short program, you could complete your education and start working fairly quickly.

Get more information on program start dates and training options by contacting schools below.

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