Nail Technician Licensing in Florida

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Florida Nail Technician License Requirements

Beauty is a big priority in Florida, with the state’s residents and tourists enjoying the services of local salons, spas, and beauty shops. Whether you decide to work in a major tourist city, a suburban area, or a smaller rural area, you may use your nail technician skills to build a rewarding career for yourself.

To earn a nail tech license, Florida residents must go through the Florida Board of Cosmetology. This agency requires a thorough education, passing scores on two licensing exams, and a background check.

Licensing keeps track of beauty professionals and ensures that they meet high standards of education and customer service. As you work through the licensing process, you’ll need to pay certain fees and meet training hour requirements.

Florida Nail Technician License Fees and Hours

• $40 initial registration fee
• $30 application fee
• $27 testing fee
• Fees to be paid by credit card or electronic check
• 240 training hours required

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Florida

It’s all about education, both at the start of your career and throughout your career! At Florida nail tech schools, you learn about nail theory and then put it to work during your practical experience hours. Local schools have to meet specific standards to help students prepare for the licensing process.

Courses Required for a Florida Nail License

• Florida cosmetology laws and rules: 5 hours
• HIV/AIDS: 4 hours
• Sanitation: 4 hours
• Ethics: 2 hours
• Nail theory and practice: 85 hours
• Manicures: 20 hours
• Pedicures: 10 hours
• Tips with overlay: 37.5 hours
• Sculpting: 37.5 hours
• Nail wraps and mending: 15 hours
• Nail fill-ins: 10 hours
• Artificial nail removal: 5 hours
• Polishing and nail art: 5 hours

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How to Get a Nail Tech License Renewed in Florida

Upon earning your nail technician license in Florida, you can continue working as long as you follow your renewal schedule, pay your fees, and complete all continuing education requirements.

Licenses in Florida expire on October 31 of either odd-numbered or even-numbered years, depending on your original licensure date. The renewal fee is currently set at $40. During each two-year cycle, you have to complete 16 hours of continuing education. Those hours are broken down into specific topics.

Continuing Education Courses and Hours

• 2 hours on HIV/AIDS
• 3 hours on sanitation and sterilization
• 1 hour on OSHA
• 1 hour on workers’ compensation
• 2 hours on state and federal laws
• 2 hours on chemical makeup
• 1 hours on environmental issues
• 4 hours on any nail technician topic

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