Esthetics Licensing in Wisconsin

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is home to many high-end salons and spas that aim to help people relax while making them look their best. If you are interested in the makeup and skin care aspects of cosmetology, a Wisconsin esthetician license may be a natural choice for you in your career. With a license, you can work on your own in any approved beauty facility or become a self-employed skin care specialist.

To ensure that all licensed professionals meet the same employment qualifications, the state of Wisconsin has strict training requirements. When you select a state-approved skin care school, plan on following these curricular guidelines:

• Laws and statutes, salon management, and ethics (26 theory hours)
• Safety sanitation, and sterilization (30 theory hours and 20 practical hours)
• Anatomy and physiology (30 theory hours)
• Chemistry, treatments, and processes (24 theory hours)
• Treatment products and techniques (32 theory hours and 96 practical hours)
• Electricity, equipment, and machines (10 theory hours and 35 practical hours)
• Makeup and color analysis (12 theory hours and 20 practical hours)
• Electives (65 theory hours and 50 practical hours)

Of course, these topics are fairly vague. This gives instructors some freedom in what they teach, what they focus on, and how they prepare you for your career. Your education may include the following subjects and components:

• Visits to esthetics establishments
• Color theory
• Airbrush makeup

Esthetics, as a beauty specialty, combines science, beauty trends, and client care. Request information from Wisconsin esthetics schools below to compare your training options.

Wisconsin Esthetician License Requirements

Since esthetics is a part of the cosmetology industry, all education, training, and licensing is regulated by the Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board. Like every other state, Wisconsin requires new skin care graduates to pass licensing exams before being awarded licenses. The process of earning a WI esthetician license includes passing a written test and a skills test. Be ready to pay the following fees and meet the following standards while applying for your license:

• $391 testing fee
• $10 licensing fee
• Fees paid by credit card
• 450 training hours required

The standards used in Wisconsin offer credibility to licensed beauty professionals and the industry in general. When clients can trust their beauty practitioners and easily verify the training they received, they are more likely to try out different services and service providers.

How to Get Your Wisconsin Esthetician’s License Renewed

Esthetician license requirements in WI also cover the renewal process. This process does change occasionally, which is why it’s important to stay involved in the beauty community. Renewing your license late, whether or not it is intentional, can cost you extra money and lead to a lapsed license. Currently, Wisconsin requires license renewal in March of odd-numbered years. You must also complete four hours of continuing education every two years. The renewal fee is $82.

A cosmetology career gives you the chance to work in a variety of different settings, build a valuable set of skills, and help people look beautiful. Find out more about how to get a skin care license in WI by contacting Wisconsin skin care programs below.

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