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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Virginia

Although all beauty specialties are prone to changes and developments, few specialties have undergone as much change as esthetics. Esthetics still offers customers the chance to relax and feel pampered, but now it uses science and technology to significantly improve the health and appearance of people’s skin.

This is an exciting time to become an esthetician, since you get to learn about all of the new tools and products that are currently used in this field. With a VA esthetics license, you can work with people who have different beauty needs to make their skin look younger, smoother, more evenly toned, and healthier.

This process begins with training. To become an esthetician, you must select an approved school that meets these educational standards:

• Management, retailing, insurance, and professional ethics (25 hours)
• Laws and regulations (10 hours)
• Bacteriology, safety measures, cosmetic chemistry, and infection control (80 hours)
• Anatomy, physiology, skin structure, skin types, and skin conditions (95 hours)
• Health screening, skin analysis and consultation, cleansing, masks, extraction, machines, manual facials, and electrical facials (225 hours)
• Color theory, makeup consultation, types of application, camouflage, lash perming and tinting, and false lashes (65 hours)
• Body treatments, wraps, masks, scrubs, and aromatherapy (20 hours)
• Waxing, tweezing, chemical hair removal, and mechanical hair removal (50 hours)

On top of covering all of the required topics above, esthetics instructors strive to give you the skills you need to hold your own in a beauty career. This often involves studying the following subjects:

• Client records and confidentiality
• Skin function
• Manipulations of the face

If a career in esthetics sounds like the right fit for you, why not find out more? Check out our list of esthetics schools in Virginia and contact them for more information on their programs.

Virginia Esthetician License Requirements

While completing your education, earning your license, and working as an esthetician, you must follow the laws and statutes of the Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology. Virginia esthetician license requirements are extremely similar to those found in other states. When you have completed your training program, you can register to take your practical and written exams. The following fees and expectations are part of the process:

• $85 practical testing fee and $90 written testing fee
• $105 application fee
• Fees paid by credit card, cashier’s check, or money order
• 600 hours of training required

When you get your VA esthetician license, you are part of a field that has an extremely strong reputation for accountability and excellence. This is possible due to the licensing standards in Virginia and other states. Upholding these standards means that all beauty practitioners must have the same set of beauty skills to begin working independently with clients, which makes it easier for clients to choose skilled beauty professionals.

How to Get Your Virginia Esthetician’s License Renewed

Upon receiving your Virginia esthetician license, you are ready to go out into the workforce and start building a base of loyal clients. Don’t forget to keep your license renewed if you want to avoid extra fees and continue your career. License renewal occurs every two years by the last day of your original licensure month. The renewal fee is $105 and Virginia does not require any continuing education.

Beauty is an industry that reaches people of all backgrounds, ages, and styles. Get involved in it now and start comparing esthetics programs in Virginia.

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