Esthetics Licensing in Utah

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Utah

The importance of a good skin care routine is becoming more and more apparent, increasing the need for estheticians all over the country. With an esthetics license, you get to explore makeup, anti-aging products and procedures, skin care for different skin types, and other parts of the beauty industry.

If you want to become an esthetician, you must first be thoroughly educated in skin theory, practical skills, and Utah laws. Any state-approved program must delve into the following topics:

• History of esthetics
• Personal, client, and salon safety
• Salon management
• Legal issues in cosmetology
• Skin diseases and disorders
• Equipment, tools, and implements
• First aid
• Anatomy and physiology
• Skin analysis
• Manual facials
• Mechanical facials
• Chemical exfoliation
• Temporary hair removal using wax
• Packs and masks
• Aromatherapy
• Artificial eyelashes
• Eyebrow arching
• Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
• Exam review
• Basic facials

In addition to a standard esthetician license, you may decide to become a master esthetician in Utah. However, you must first earn a Utah esthetics license. Topics that you may cover to prepare you for master-level esthetics training include:

• Building a client base
• Overview of master esthetician topics (600 hours)
• Aging process
• Hydrotherapy
• Microdermabrasion

As you learn how to get a skin care license in UT, you can take the next step in your education with our list of Utah schools. Contact skin care training programs near you to learn about your options.

Utah Esthetician License Requirements

There are quite a few UT esthetician license requirements that you must follow to begin your career. These standards and laws are created and enforced by the Utah Division of Professional Licensing. After you complete the licensing process, you can get your license and begin working.

Once your training is complete, the next step is proving your skills by passing a written test and a skills test. In Utah, you must pay the following fees and meet the following standards to get your license:

• $87 practical test fee and $87 written test fee
• $60 application fee
• Fees paid by credit card, money order, cashier’s check, or company check
• 600 hours of training or 800 hours of apprenticeship required

No matter how long you have worked in the beauty industry, it is important for you to keep up on your license and stay registered with the state you work in. Requiring licensure and maintaining a database of skin care professionals makes it easy for licensing boards to prevent malpractice, inform professionals of new expectations and training opportunities, and establish a strong beauty community.

How to Get Your Utah Esthetician’s License Renewed

Upon earning your Utah esthetician license, you are free to practice in approved spas and salons for up to two years. The amount of time you keep your initial license depends on when you get this license, since all estheticians must renew their licenses by September 30 of odd-numbered years. This involves paying a $52 license renewal fee. Utah, like most other states, does not have any continuing education requirements for esthetics professionals.

If you are ready for the next step in your career, this is the time to get involved. Request information from Utah esthetics schools to get started.