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Esthetics Licensing in Tennessee



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Tennessee

As a field, esthetics has undergone many exciting changes over the years. Rather than appealing to specific age groups and populations, esthetics procedures now address the skin care needs of everyone. Whether a client wants to look youthful as long as possible, get rid of dry patches, use makeup to obscure unflattering features, or just relax by getting pampered, estheticians have the techniques and products required to create happy customers.

If you are a pro at doing your own makeup, learning about new styles and trends, and utilizing different tools, why not learn more about this field? In Tennessee, you can earn your TN esthetics license after meeting a specific set of requirements. The first requirement deals with education. All state-approved programs must meet the following curricular standards:

• General topics: Sanitation, bacteriology, sterilization, professional ethics, personality, salesmanship, anatomy, physiology, and Tennessee law (150 hours)
• Chemical topics: Skin diseases and disorders, aging factors, nutrition, product ingredients and chemistry, product usage, waxing, brow and lash tinting, OSHA requirements (150 hours)
• Practical experience: Massage manipulations and techniques, facial masks and packs, facial treatments, skin analysis, skin consultation, application of products, usage of machines, color psychology, and makeup usage

Since specialized procedures and techniques are developed on a frequent basis, your instructors may cover skills or products that are not part of the guidelines above. To keep up with current trends, you may study these topics as well:

• Eyebrow arching
• Facials without the use of machines
• Facials with the use of machines

Tennessee esthetician license requirements show you exactly what you need to do to start a rewarding skin care career. Learn more about your educational options by contacting esthetics programs in Tennessee below.

Tennessee Esthetician License Requirements

With your education behind you, you have completed the biggest part of getting your license. Now, you simply have to pass a written test, pass a skills test, submit all required paperwork, and pay all required fees. These standards and fees are set by the Tennessee Division of Regulatory Boards, Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. Details are listed here:

• $70 practical testing fee and $70 written testing fee
• Fees paid by money order, company check, credit card, or cashier’s check
• 750 hours of training required
• Testing goes through PSI
• Tests may be taken in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

By paying these fees and respecting the licensing requirements of Tennessee, you uphold the culture of excellence in the beauty industry. You are in this field to work with clients, so it should be clear why clients deserve access to professionals who are properly trained and vetted before they are allowed to work independently.

How to Get Your Tennessee Esthetics License Renewed

After you receive your license, stay up-to-date on the renewal process outlined by esthetician license requirements in TN. Completing this process on time can save you money and allow you to keep working without interruption. Submit a renewal application and your $50 fee payment every two years. The state of Tennessee does not have any continuing education requirements at this time.

If you start your education soon, you could have your Tennessee esthetician license in a matter of months. Request information from esthetics programs below to begin.