Esthetics Licensing in Pennsylvania

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Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Pennsylvania

When you start exploring career options in the world of cosmetology, choosing the right specialty is a huge part of making sure you love your career for years to come. If you have particular talents or interests in beauty, selecting a specialty in line with your interests is a great way to go.

If you are great with makeup and skin care, then getting licensed in esthetics may be the next step in your career. Getting a PA esthetics license is required for anyone who wants to work as a skin care specialist in this state. To make sure you have the right skills for a skin care career, the state of Pennsylvania requires all licensed esthetics schools to meet these curricular guidelines:

• Professional practices (40 hours)
• Sciences, including chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, histology, and bacteriology (100 hours)
• Facial treatments, including manual and machine aided (100 hours)
• Temporary hair removal (10 hours)
• Makeup application (50 hours)

The more you learn, the more confident you’ll feel carrying out various procedures and working with a variety of clients. In any curriculum that meets the above guidelines, you can plan on studying these topics as well:

• Makeup brushes, tools, and products
• Cleansing and storage of esthetics equipment
• Threading, waxing, and tweezing

Curious about becoming an esthetician but not sure about Pennsylvania esthetician license requirements? The process is very straightforward when you get started. Enrolling in a great school is one of the best things you can do for your career, so contact esthetics programs in Pennsylvania for more information.

Pennsylvania Esthetician License Requirements

All of the rules, statutes, and laws that dictate beauty careers are enforced by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology. This agency awards licenses, renews licenses, and revokes licenses in line with their laws and standards. Pennsylvania, like most other states, has a rigorous testing process. You can take your licensing exams after you complete your training and pay the required fees to the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology:

• $10 licensing fee
• $100 testing fee
• Fees paid by certified check or money order
• 300 hours of training required
• Tests administered by Pearson VUE

Licensing brings the cosmetology industry together and strengthens it in several different ways. The reputation of the beauty community improves when all of its members are required to complete training programs and pass licensing exams. This also helps clients, since it helps them find beauty professionals they trust.

How to Get Your PA Esthetician’s License Renewed

You must have a valid PA esthetics license for the entire time that you want to work in this state. Your first license is valid for up to two years, depending on your licensure date. To continue your career, you must renew your license by January 31 of every even-numbered year. Estheticians currently pay a renewal fee of $67 in Pennsylvania. There are no continuing education requirements in this state.

With a Pennsylvania esthetician license, you can provide in-demand skin care services to people in your community. Take the first step now and start the path to a new career—just contact esthetics programs below to learn more.