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Esthetics Licensing in Oregon



Education Requirements for Becoming an Esthetician in Oregon

Working in the beauty industry is a surefire way to spend your career learning, improving, and growing. Procedures, products, and tools are always evolving in cosmetology, which means that you always have something you can do to advance your career.

If you’ve ever wanted to work with skin care and makeup, the esthetics specialty may interest you. When you study esthetics, you explore a huge variety of skin care topics at an advanced level. With the proper training, you can then go on to earn your OR esthetician license and begin your career. First, you’ll need to attend a school approved by the state of Oregon. Its curriculum must address the following topics and subjects:

• Chemicals, ingredients, and skin care products
• Diseases and disorders of the skin
• Equipment, tools, and implements used in esthetics
• Facials
• Hair removal
• Makeup application
• Body skin care procedures
• Facial massage
• Ethics and standards of practice

Your program should include some theory hours in the classroom, but being completely ready for the licensing exam means getting plenty of practical experience with mannequins and clients. To fully meet the needs of your clients, you must be well trained in several areas of esthetics. Some of the more in-depth topics you may learn about as a student include:

• Makeup pigmentation and color theory
• Contraindications for esthetics procedures
• Liability insurance

Training helps you meet the toughest part of Oregon esthetician license requirements. Get ready for your new career by requesting information from skin care schools in Oregon.

Oregon Esthetician License Requirements

The licensing process in Oregon is regulated by the Oregon Board of Cosmetology, which means that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with their standards and meet every single one. After your education is behind you, you should have the skills and knowledge you need to pass your licensing exams. While testing, you’ll need to meet certain expectations and pay several fees, listed here:

• $20 application fee
• $35 practical testing fee and $35 theory testing fee
• Fees paid by check, money order, purchase order, or credit card
• 250 hours of training required

The role of licensing in cosmetology is an important part of this industry’s success. By setting high standards for practitioners, the Board of Cosmetology ensures that clients get the very best service they can from estheticians.

How to Get Your Oregon Esthetician’s License Renewed

After you get your skin care license in OR, you have to keep it valid if you want to continue working in this state. Renewal materials are due by the last day of the month in which you are originally licensed. Oregon charges a renewal fee of $40. You do not need to complete any continuing education courses to renew your license, but continuing education may help you keep up on the trends and changes of this industry.

Ready to start your career in esthetics with an Oregon esthetician license? Check out our list of schools below. Contact skin care programs near you to get more information.